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From the Editor

Welcome to Issue 22! This issue contains articles about several major dolls house makers of the 20th century: a brief history of Moritz Gottschalk will, I hope, be followed by later articles focusing on Gottschalk dolls houses before and after WWII. The series about Hobbies of Dereham is nearing the end - we see Hobbies dolls house designs of the last four decades in this issue, and will complete it with the furnishings and fittings of the same period in the next issue. We finally have the article about Gee Bee dolls houses, unfortunately without any further family input, so far.

Among other features, we also see a vintage cardboard dolls house and vintage metal dolls house furnishings, a modern dolls house, and summer holiday scenes created by a member. In our DIY section, Valerie shares a crochet pattern for a bedcover, and Sharee shows how to make a woven basket from strips of card. Her basket reminds me of the paper or card weaving I did at school, and the patterns for paper weaving I’ve found in the children’s pages of newspapers from over 100 years ago. Her woven basket could easily be adapted for antique, vintage or modern settings.

I hope you will find lots to enjoy, ponder and inspire you.



Page 2  Moritz Gottschalk - a brief history by        diePuppenstubensammlerin

Page 3  Return to Wonderland by Florine Bettge

Page 4 A Playskool Pullman by Tracy Harnish

Page 5  Gee Bee Toys and Tudor Toys of Hull by Rebecca Green

Page 6  How technology arrived in the dolls house … as quickly as in the grown-up world by diePuppenstubensammlerin

Page 7  Why Play With Dolls? by Lorraine Rosner

Page 8  My 12th Scale Static Caravan and Seaside Scenes by Gillian Faulkner

Page 9  Hobbies of Dereham Dolls Houses and Wallpapers 1968-2014 by Rebecca Green

Page 10 cont'd -  Dolls House Papers sold by Hobbies

Page 11  ARC dollhouse by Chris Ferrara (Call of the Small)

Page 12  A Crochet Granny Square Bedcover by Valerie Towers

Page 13  Woven Card Box Tutorial by Sharee Sayers

Page 14 Giveaway Competition for Members

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