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Hogarin Dolls and their Clothes by Luijuas & Co of El Cuartin de Juguete

We have been collecting the Hogarin family of dolls and their houses and furnishings for several years now. They were made in Spain in the 1970s under the brand name ‘Modisa’. We hope to show you the houses and furniture some time. Now, as we finally have all the blister packs of clothing for the Hogarin family that were shown in the catalogue, we would like to present them to you. 

Catalogue of clothes, For the Hogarin Family. 


Now we will introduce them character by character, with all their outfits.

Grandpa has two models and a third outfit came in the blister pack with the Grandpa figure, a set with a shirt which can be of different colours.


Catalogue images for Grandpa goes to bed, and Grandpa goes hunting. 


  Blister pack of Grandpa goes to bed.


Grandpa in his pyjamas.


Blister pack of Grandpa goes hunting. 


  Grandpa has a siesta.


Grandpa in his blister pack. 


  Various shirts came in the blister pack of the Grandpa doll.


Grandma has four models, or five if you count the outfit in the Grandma doll’s blister pack.  


Catalogue images for Granny on a trip, Granny goes shopping, Granny goes to the theater, Granny goes to bed.


Granny on a trip blister pack. 


  Granny in her outfit for going on a trip.


The blister pack "Granny goes shopping" is one that has more variety of prints and colors in dress, and a coat that can also have different closures, centered with two buttons per side or three.  


Granny goes shopping blister packs.





Granny sets off to the shops.



 Blister pack for Granny goes to the theatre.


Granny ready to go to the theatre.


Blister pack for Granny goes to bed. 


Granny ready for bed. 


This brown ensemble came with Granny in her own blister pack ... 


.. and also had different patterns.  


Mama Hogarin is not short on outfits, and also has four of her own individual blister packs.


Catalogue image with Mama goes on holiday, Mama goes out at night, Mama goes on a trip, Mama goes to bed.  


Blister pack for Mama goes on holiday. 


Mama ready to go on holiday. 


Blister pack for Mama goes out at night. 


  Mama all dressed up for a night out.


Blister pack for Mama goes on a trip. 


Mama ready to go on a trip.


Blister pack for Mama goes to bed. 


Mama dressed for bed. 


This white and pink set came with the Mother doll in her own blister pack.  


Dad Hogarin is more discreet with two models and another in the blister pack of the Dad figure makes three.  


Catalogue images of Dad goes on a trip and Dad goes to bed. 


His costume blister pack "Dad on a trip" offers two shades, dark or light brown, the same thing also happens with "Mom on a trip".



Dad ready to set off.


Blister pack for Dad goes to bed.


  Dad ready for bed.


  The outfit Dad was dressed in in his own blister pack.


The eldest daughter not skimp when it comes to dressing, and has four individual blister packs. 

Catalogue images of “the eldest daughter goes to university”, “the eldest daughter is very with it”, “the eldest daughter goes on a trip”, and “the eldest daughter gets married”.  


The eldest daughter goes to university (and studies medicine!)  



The outfits for "the eldest daughter is very with it" could also have variations in the color of the poncho. 



The eldest daughter goes on a trip.



The eldest daughter gets married. 


  The eldest daughter wears a mini skirt in her own blister pack.


Catalogue image for "The children go to school".


The children’s dungarees come in two colors, green and red.



The little boy would rather play than do Arithmetic and English homework!  

There is also a Hogarin baby, but it only has one outfit.


"Waaah!" say the babies. "Help!" say the parents.


And last but not least is the flirty maid with three outfits, one that came in the blister pack of the doll, and the others in the blister pack "the maid’s uniforms."

Catalogue image and blister pack of The maid’s uniforms.
The maid in her blister pack.
Three maids in a row - what are they getting up to?!
Back side of the blister pack.  


And the outside of the catalog of the clothes.

“We are the family Hogarin, you already know us, now you can choose the dress that you like for any of us.

In this collection you will find clothes to be at home in, to go shopping in, etc

In this manner, you'll be always playing with us in our nice rooms and shops, playing with Hogarin!”

Please visit my blog El cuartin de juguete to see more of the Hogarin family and their adventures.

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