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What's On This Summer

Members in or travelling to Oxfordshire, Yorkshire or Kent, there are displays of dolls houses and miniatures in these counties over the summer! Two are created by members, and the other was featured in this magazine in December last year.

I will also add the details of each exhibition to the What's On page.

World War I Officer's Dugout by Robin Britton & Celia Thomas

WW1 Officer's Dugout, Trench & Poppy Field Scene Can Now Be Seen On Display At Thame Museum, Oxfordshire


Several months ago we were jointly asked to create some sort of unique World War 1 scene by Dolls House & Miniature Scene Magazine, to appear as a "how to make" feature in their August 2014 issue. This being a very emotive topic, we gave great thought into the best way of approaching the project and finally, after much research and pondering, this is what we came up with.




We have tried, with respect, to capture the essence of a First World War officer's dugout, focussing on the poignancy of war along with remembrance. It has stretched our creativity greatly but has been great fun to do! As with all our workshop projects, we have used some very ordinary everyday materials...some which may surprise you! Part One of this project is featured in the August issue of the Dolls House & Miniature Scene Magazine (publishing date end of June 2014) and is to be  continued over subsequent issues.


The completed project is now on display until the end of August at the Thame Museum (Oxfordshire - UK) as part of their  WW1 Centenary Exhibition. When the exhibition ends, this completed scene will be available to any organisation or individual to purchase, and 50% of proceeds will be donated to The Royal British Legion.




At The Going Down Of The Sun And In The Morning,  We Will Remember Them.....

For best results in obtaining  the full impact of this emotive video, we recommend that you switch your speakers on and view in full screen.


For further details of this exhibition and project, along with our Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops, please see our workshop website:

Eve Dawnay Collection

In Yorkshire, the Eve Dawnay Collection will again be on display at West Heslerton. This may be the last opportunity to see them all together, so if there's a possibility of getting there, don't miss it!



In the Moment: Out of the Dolls House by Veronica Tonge

A comment on the social and personal expectations of women before the ‘sixties revolution, when all our lives changed and ‘do your own thing’ became the concept to live by.


My installation is set in a 1950s doll’s house called Greenacres, which was modified by one of its previous owners to incorporate some Victorian décor. Interestingly, the 20th Century was still operating under many 19th Century restrictive values, but during the Swinging ‘Sixties “Victoriana” became as popular and exciting for young people as “Vintage” is now. The past can always be glamourised!


Suggesting and exploring memories of the domestic and social restrictions of over half a century ago is to revisit a vanished world, which I have symbolised by blocks of gossip and text reflecting real issues.


In the shadowy rooms of Greenacres, ghosts make for the harsh light of the contemporary world, and evaporate…



Greenacres dolls house as purchased. Photo © KT Miniatures

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