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From the Editor

I’m very happy to welcome you to the 20th issue of our online magazine! This marks 5 full years of publication – and in 5 weeks’ time, we will celebrate our 5th birthday! With over 780 members with profiles (and the total number of members approaching 1000, including those who haven’t completed a profile), we have grown steadily and strongly since Wendy Stephen (then Wendy Gater) first started this website. Thank you, Wendy! I, like many of you, can’t imagine life without it now!

This issue, like all our issues, ranges over time and space. There are many articles for those of us who enjoy knowing more about our dolls houses, their dolls and furnishings (or discovering more we would love to own!). We see more antique china-headed dolls, which are perhaps German and possibly factory-made; a beautiful example of a well-known American antique dolls house, whose maker is still a mystery; and an antique English dolls house whose maker is (fairly certainly) identified. The German manufacturer Kibri is probably better known to model railway enthusiasts, but also made dolls houses and roomboxes, some of which can be definitely identified, others … maybe. Czech manufacturer TOFA, well known for their ca 1970s red and yellow furniture in modern style, produced other ranges too, under the TOFA name as well as earlier and later names. Hobbies brought out some very popular dolls house designs, which were made in large numbers over a long period. Other designs were only available for a short time, and may not be known to collectors. I had thought I would present all the post-war Hobbies’ history, dolls houses and wallpapers in this issue, but realised it was far too much for one article – so the Hobbies saga will continue for a while yet!

One of the delights of this website, for me, is being contacted by people who have intimate knowledge of particular makers, such as the lead for Grecon feet being melted down over the lounge room fire! I was excited to hear from the daughter and son of Ted Twiggs, maker of Twiggs’ dolls house furniture, and in this issue we learn from them about the family venture. We also hear about the dolls houses which started it all off – and perhaps, as a result of this article, will discover where one or more of them now is!

If you have any more information on any of these topics, do please share it!

I also love hearing from members about what makes a particular dolls house special to them, and how it has developed. Jazz and Johnny both have very personal touches in the houses they share, which many of us will also be able to identify with.

We haven’t forgotten the DIY section – in this issue, you can make a patchwork quilt – or make a patchwork quilt! Christine Hayward shows how to miniaturise real patchwork, and Valerie has a quick way of producing a great effect (and some other quick makes, too). If that still seems too hard, you could print Christine’s quilt onto fabric – or enter the giveaway competition to win one of Valerie’s!!

Happy reading,



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