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A Very Large Edwardian Dolls House

                                                  by Wendy Gater

This Dolls House is from my own collection, it is a very large Dolls House from the Edwardian period, which dates it between 1901 - 1910.

 I had gone to collect another Dolls House that I had bought and asked if there were any others for sale. The lady took me to another room to see the above Dolls house,  I was immediately impressed by the sheer size and architectural detail, the wood shaping on the top of the roof, the amount of windows with "real" glass and the imposing balcony across the middle of the house. I was drawn to the large oversized front doors and particularly liked the external brick effect to the walls.

The house had been sympathetically restored, the outside brick effect was original, just touched up where necessary and old wallpapers had been added to the inside, which I think are positively delightful.

 I rushed home to tell my partner of my excitement not just for the Dolls House I had originally gone to buy but also about the large Edwardian House which I just had to have! I had to arrange for a courier to collect the house as it is so huge and wouldn't fit even in the largest estate car.


 The Dining Room


 Sitting Room 2

The house is actually a pair of semi detached houses, I did wonder at first if I would have problems furnishing the narrow, high ceilinged rooms but it wasn't difficult at all. I have many vintage antique miniatures in this house but also some later pieces (can you spot the Dol Toi bookcase?)


 Sitting Room 1


The Kitchen

The tiny handmade antique leather shoes (in picture - bedroom 1) are one of my favourite items, the detail is amazing, I have included a photo of them below.

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

The theatre in the children's nursery is a handmade item which has the most intricate detail and on the nursery chair is a pair of antique metal ice skates.

 The Nursery

Ladies' Dressing Room

I own mainly vintage and antique miniatures but I also have some handmade craftsmen made items, the quality and detail on these items is second to none. The tool box in the front garden has been handcrafted from 150 year old wood, there is no varnishing to the wood, it has just been waxed. The seller also makes items to order; please contact me if you would like their contact details.

Handcrafted Tool Box

              Antique Leather Shoes                       Antique Metal Ice Skates

 Handmade Theatre (non vintage)

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