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Small Finds in Argentina by Elsa Berta Keller


I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a modest collector of everything that has to do with the children of my country, which has been a good producer of toys and, being a country with lots of European immigration in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, we have also received toys. Even today we find in our market abundant antique dolls, even in street markets. It would be an honor for me to share my small finds, all found in my city (as remains of a time that has passed).

The pieces of furniture are a big fascination for me, all models, but household objects have a special charm …


German tinplate bathroom basins. At the back there is a tank for water.

Water flows from the taps (you plug the sink) and it has a light!! a beauty!



A soft metal stove of German origin, in 1:10 scale.



More German metal bathroom furnishings in 1:10 scale.



Among toy makers in Argentina, Daysa deserves a chapter apart ....





What a great merit to have put their brand on all their products!




Here this set is presented in the photo with its box, also showing the brand name. The national company Daysa also made ​​a classic cooking game all Argentinians know, but this is a separate story.



Boxes with amazing beautiful furniture sets came to our country in the 50s to assemble the dollhouse dream .....



Plasco Little Homemaker in Spanish


Not only the furniture came, also the room setting with all the details!


Outside it continued with a beautiful garden, representing the typical American home.





The super-comfortable bathroom!






The kitchen ..... I prefer furniture where you can open drawers and doors!




The boxes are beautiful!




And the furniture!






Detail of the box ..





Jugal, a major toy company in the 60s, manufactured furniture sets,

and Baltasar also ..


Jugal Juego (game) Living



The plastic heater is probably Jugal. The enamelled saucepan is Capea. The stove with metal utensils is from Germany. The siphon and bottle are of painted wood.



Here is a Baltasar bedroom – it has the Baltasar brand mark on the wardrobe -





 A Baltasar bedroom in its original blister pack. At the top are the words Juguetes Baltasar Irrompibles (Baltasar unbreakable toys). Mini Muebles Baltasar (Baltasar Mini Furniture). At the bottom, Industria Argentina, Produccion Sanz.



Baltasar Kitchen. Ind. Argentina.

None of the doors open!!



Very plain National Industry boxes, with plastic dollhouse furniture that look like Renwal or Kleeware, but the labels say Industria Argentina.







"La Casita" (The Little House) of Kemplast. Argentina Industry.






A beautiful toy to put together. It has its sale stamp. 1950.




From Japan, lithographed metal furniture.




Small furniture of Japanese origin (they measure 10 cm). They have a lovely degree of detail.





Here are some of my dollhouses -


I do not know much about this one, the person who sold it had no information about it. I have furnished it mostly with American pieces – Renwal, Plasco, Ideal.




This was the first Lundby I bought, it came from Germany as a Christmas gift in the '60s, from a brother to his younger sister. Now its former owner lives in the USA and keeps in touch with her via Facebook.



I love this Jacobsen! I think I bought the house, just because I fell in love with these chairs!




Tin lithographed dollhouses from the US …



and from England!



This is the latest dollhouse I found – a very old wooden French house, ca 1930

Compare this picture from the Au Printemps, Paris catalogue of 1930: 





Even the curtains are made of wood! Painted on the outside, but not on the inside.


It needs lots of work. I had started cleaning when I took these photos, so imagine how it looked when it arrived!  


In French: House For Sale!


I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my collection. I have been collecting for many years and my pride is knowing that everything I found in this country. At the end of the world!  

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