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Restoration of a Triang Stockbroker by Wendy Stephen

I won a Triang Stockbroker from a well known auction site and was keen to get it back as near as I could to its original condition.



The house had been totally overpainted and I was worried that the house may have been stripped completely of all original paint before the new coat of paint had been added but luckily this wasn't the case.
The first thing I did was remove the opening main doors and the interior doors. I then carefully removed the added wallpaper, there wasn't much of the original paper left and what was remaining was extremely faded. I ordered some reproduction wallpapers from
Trevor Cain of Dolls House Restoration.


I carefully chipped off the added paint using a variety of different tools, I found that the majority of the original paint was present underneath, in a few small places where there was now bare wood I touched in using a watered down emulsion paint in the best colour match I could get.




The house timbers had been overpainted with a black paint; this had to be scratched off as well. After removing the overcoated black paint, I used a scratch coat stain lightly over the top to give some colour back to the wood. This was all very time consuming but the fact that so much original paint was remaining gave me the encouragement to continue.





The original base of the house had been renewed at some point by a previous owner. Through help from DHPP members on the forum, I was able to get the correct measurements that the base would have been originally. I then cut the flat base that was already present to the correct size using an electric jigsaw. I bought the wood to make the side surround and an extra piece of wood to put across the centre of the house to give it extra support. This was then all sanded and glued using a very good quality wood adhesive.



I then found the closest colour blue I could to paint the internal doors, they were extremely fiddly to refit but did go back on well in the end. It would have been easier if I had a set of miniature hobby tools. These will be going on my Christmas "wish list"!



The windows I did end up buying in, as the ones in the house had bits and pieces missing, some didn't have any openers at all, they had one sheet of plastic in them and wooden bars.




I am pleased with the result I achieved on this house, it was extremely time consuming but the majority of the time enjoyable. At some stages in the restoration I did think, "why am I doing this"! 




I was lucky to find a joblot of Tudor style furniture on an auction site for a very reasonable price. The Ari 1960s dolls came to me with the house so are living here at the moment. The hanging bead curtain at the door between the living room and sun porch is an old vintage one. Another door has been added by a previous owner to the outer doorway of the sun porch. I have left it as I like it although not original.





I was lucky that the original kitchen range was with the house when I bought it, I didn't see it in the photos when I was bidding on it as it was face down on the floor in the house, so this was a real added bonus!





The garage doors look to be the original ones but have been covered over both sides with wood and square windows cut out. I have chosen to leave these.



I will source other furniture etc in time and will get the lighting working.  



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