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From the Editor

Have you ever wondered what is beneath your dolls house dolls' clothes, or even beneath their 'skin'? In this issue, we have articles showing the bodies of dolls from the mid-nineteenth century and the mid-twentieth century: exquisite china dolls with wooden bodies which were made in Germany, probably by Kister, and Grecon dolls made in England by an immigrant from Germany, of wire, cotton wool and cloth. I'm excited to be able to share memories of how Grecon dolls were made, emailed to me by a man whose family worked for Greta Cohn!  

What has shaped your dolls house collection? Have your aims and dreams changed over time? You may find similarities between your own experiences and those of two members who write in this issue about how their collection developed, and how a dream of having a dolls house museum was realised.

Is a dolls house always a dolls house? Some are made for adult collectors, some as children's toys - and perhaps some, such as Celia's 1920s/30s house, start life with a different purpose. The houses showcased by Megan were certainly intended as dolls houses (for children or adults), but they were designed by architects, built by construction and cabinet-making companies, and furnished by interior designers, who had never worked in miniature before! 

One of the best known British suppliers of dolls house designs, and of wallpapers to decorate the houses, is Hobbies of Dereham. Hobbies have been operating for over 100 years, so our survey of their designs, papers and fittings will stretch over several issues of the magazine. This first instalment covers dolls houses and dolls house papers to 1945.

Also on wallpaper, we have more tips on papering your house from member Carole-Ann, who is also offering the prize for our giveaway competition: a voucher for papers from her online shop. This competition is open to all members, no matter how long you have been a member, whether you have previously won or not. It can be found on the last page of the magazine.  

There are other articles too, so I hope you will all find something to interest and inspire you.

Happy reading!



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