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The Museum of Childhood, Wales by Jill Friendship

A Tri-ang Ultra Modern No 51 dolls house surrounded by other toys


An unknown dolls house with a roof-line similar to the Lines DH/D


The Museum Of Childhood, Pen-ffynnon, Llangeler, Camarthenshire SA44 5EY

The museum is based in an old farm, the dolls houses all in a "longhouse"  which would have originally been the home to the family and animals, beds being in the hay loft and the rest the kitchen and animal shelter.


A Tri-ang No 76 with another, unrecognised dolls house


A three bay Amersham dolls house with a garage


A Lines No 37 dolls house, ca 1915


The dolls houses are mostly on top of the display cabinets, but all the bits and pieces and one or two houses are displayed within the cabinets themselves. Lots of scope for "ooh I had one of those!"


Display trays filled with dolls house dolls and furniture of various periods



To the right of the display of dolls house dolls and furniture in the photo above, is a large dolls house on a table, shown furnished and with its front removed.


A large furnished dolls house, and another unrecognised dolls house on the floor below



The rest of the farm complex is filled with the collection. All sorts of toys beautifully displayed, plus a 150 year old school room, where modern day children can go and write on slates. 

A delightful 'car boot sale' scene



A model theatre, with marionettes and some familiar dolls house furnishings


The collection is owned by Paul, Hilary and Vic, who are always on site, attending the tearoom, shop, museum and camp site.  Not much time for boredom in this household!  


A Conway Valley dolls house, prams and boxing equipment perched above the entrance to the 'Siop Toyland' (Toyland Shop)


Unrecognised semi-detached dolls houses


The sign above the door of this unrecognised red, 3 storey dollshouse reads 'The Valley Farm, J. Constable'


When I went, Hilary was mending a very old teddy, and preparing to go out and do a talk that evening, but she still made time to chat with us and made us feel very welcome. The collection is the result of a lifetime's dedication.  The dream now realised, has but one final step  - is there a Sugar Daddy out there who could provide even larger premises and ensure the collection will remain complete so that future generations can come and enjoy it.


Two unrecognised dolls houses


Handicrafts C248 Modern Dolls House, ca late 1930s


A dolls house with Romside windows and attached garage and shed


Further information can be obtained  at, or tel  01559 370428.  It truly is a step down memory lane and is well worth a visit.    

PS   They also sell the most gorgeous icecream!!


[Editor's note: I have emailed Hilary at the museum asking for any information on the dolls houses I don't recognise. If any readers recognise these models, I would be very glad to hear from you!]

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