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From the Editor

I am happy to bring you the 17th issue of our online magazine. We have several themes running through this issue - food, flowers, and fireplaces, with Gottschalk dolls houses from two different eras as well.

Among the tutorial or DIY articles which we always include at the end of the magazine, two focus on fireplaces, and one shows us how to reproduce in miniature all the china designs we love in full size. I'm sure that other articles will also give you ideas for things to make - and places to visit - too.

As always, we have a competition for members - the prize this time is the book The Queen's Dolls House, with many thanks to Zoe. I look forward to lots of entries!

Thank you to all of you who have contributed articles, and those who shared photos for my Kaybot article. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who has other marked Kaybot/Kay pieces, as well as anyone who recognises the dolls houses in the Museum of Childhood in Wales - or even any member who finds that they own a Lord Roberts Memorial Workshop dolls house!

Happy collecting - and happy reading!




Page 2 Red Roof and Bay Window Gottschalk Antique Dollhouse by Susan Hale

Page 3 Antique and Vintage Dollhouse Food by Tracy Harnish

Page 4 Lord Roberts Memorial Workshops' Dolls Houses by Rebecca  Green

Page 5 The Museum of Childhood, Wales by Jill Friendship

Page 6 Kaybot Novelties and Kay Miniatures by Rebecca Green

Page 7 Flower Windows by diepuppenstubensammlerin

Page 8 The Art of the Dollhouse by Carol Morehead with Naomi Kamiya

Page 9 Thimblelina's Quilt Shop and other dolls houses by Sue Guy

Page 10 How My Collection Started by Carol Boyett

Page 11 My Wild Garden by Brenda Hodges

Page 12 A Passion for Plates by Christine Hayward

Page 13 Make It - Custom Fireplace for Dolly by Shanni Schafer

Page 14 Art Deco Fireplace by Valerie Towers

Page 15 Giveaway Competition for Members

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