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Ageing a Dolls House, Part 2 by Joan Joyce

In the last magazine I did an article showing how I took a very nondescript dolls house and made it a bit more special with some inspiration from Liza's book. I was going to do a step by step account of decorating it but there is no need after Rosemary's excellent article in the last magazine. I did, however, think you might be curious as to how it turned out, so here are some pictures.



I papered the kitchen walls using craft papers, the floor is a piece of vintage paper. Although the scale of the house was supposed to be 12th, that scale of furniture looked lost in it, so I experimented and found the great big stuff suited it perfectly.




The living room fireplace was one of those weird dressers that are supposed to hang on a wall. The coal scuttle contains real (washed) coal that I scrounged off a friend. The wallpaper is vintage Laura Ashley.



It all started with this bed. I bought it on ebay. The seller hadn't said exactly HOW BIG it was!!! I put it in a box and began collecting other great big items, I knew they would come in handy one day!


The wallpaper is Cath Kidston, left over from my own house.



The outside always comes to life when the curtains go up!



The happy recipients of the new house!


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