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Our Collection by Lisbeth and Kjell-Åke Arneberth


Let us start by introducing ourselves.

My husband Kjell-Åke and myself Lisbeth.

We live in Sweden and our interest for Dollhouses started when we got to know that we were going to be grandparents to twins four years ago.

A boy and a girl. Little Nea and Alvin.

Since I was a girl I also started to look for dollhouses and started to buy and kept what I wanted most in the houses.

Then I sold the rest to finance the next dollhouse buy.


Our renovated Lundby Manor House


I also bought some things on the Swedish E-Bay and there I got in contact with a lady and she said that she had a Lundby Manor house in a miserable shape and I could get it for free if I would renovate it.

I never had a Dollhouse when I was a child so I didn't know how much fun it is.


The interior of our Lundby Manor House


By the time we were finished renovating the dollhouse, I was really hooked and started to learn what had some value and what didn't.

At that time my husband was only interested in helping me renovate and restore some of the things.

We are renovating the houses how we would like them and how we would like to decorate them inside with furniture and other things.



We are going to build up a very small city/community with a garden café and a shop.

The Café is Kjell-Åke´s idea.



We´re going to mix both 1:12 and 1:18 totally shamelessly and enjoy and have fun doing the work to build it up.


Our Brio bungalow


At the moment the Lundby Manor house (not original) and Brio bungalow (we tried to make it as like the time as possible) is almost finished, and then we have a Brio dollhouse from 1968 in original condition and one from 1974 in almost original condition. (It´s just the carpet on the first floor which is gone).




And then we got a Lerro Dollhouse from the 50's-60´s in its original condition. We just need to find the furniture which belongs in it.


Lerro dollhouse - we try different sets of bedroom furniture



 I had the luck to get a set of white Lerro bedroom furniture. The brown one (in the first photo of this house) I´ve been told is also Lerro.


 The bed even has a label:





We also have a Dallas house that has been changed, and a model made by a carpenter of a house from Gothenburg.

But it’s like a jungle of different brands and manufacturers, so it can make one a little bit crazy to find out which is which.


Brio dollhouse from 1974


The 12th of February we´re going to visiting the Brio Lekoseum here in Osby and then we can take a lots of photos and see what kind of furnitures Brio has fabricated and to which year of dollhouse. It´s so much more fun when we both share an interest.


Brio dollhouse from 1968


We´re also restoring a Morris Minor 1957 and a 1960 and a Morris Oxford Sedan 1951 and a Morris Oxford Traveler 1954.

The same with our caravans from 1959 and 1964. The 1959 is an English caravan named Alperson Products. Later in the sixties the name became "Sprite".

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