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From the Editor


Welcome to another issue of the Dolls Houses Past and Present magazine! This issue includes dolls houses for children patented in the 1880s, and the this year's dolls house developments from firms like Hape and Plan Toys. Two members share dolls houses they have created, and a Swedish couple shows us their collection, a joyful mix of 1/16th and 1/12th scales. We see some American kitchens, a miniature German toy shop, and learn about a French dolls house manufacturer.

In my emails asking for contributions, I also ask for suggestions. One member requested guides to tools, and so I asked Pepper to share her tutorial on the basics of measuring and cutting - a good place to start when making miniatures! We have other DIY topics too, on wiring a dolls house and on transforming things you'd usually throw away, into minis.

I know that many of you enjoy seeing antique dolls houses, even if you don't have any in your own collection. If you are one of the lucky owners of antique dolls houses, roomboxes or miniature furniture, etc, please consider sharing them in the magazine. You are welcome to publish anonymously or under a pseudonym, if you are concerned about the security of your collection.

In the last issue, we had articles about the Danish dolls house makers Lisa and Hanse. Recently, I received from the local history society of Tranbjerg, where Hanse was originally based, a photograph of the factory and scans of some catalogues. I have added the factory photo to the article on the Hanse and Lisa firms, and the catalogue images of dolls houses to the article on Hanse and Lisa dolls houses (they are marked NEW). In the next issue, we hope to have the first of several articles on Hanse and Lisa furnishings. We will also be featuring some dolls house furniture by Marx and dolls houses by Rich Toys in upcoming issues.

I will be researching and writing about makers including the Lord Roberts Memorial Workshops, Tiny Toy, Kaybot, Tudor Toys/GeeBee, Modelcraft, Blue Box, Tofa and Schowanek, among others. If you have dolls houses or miniatures by these makers, particularly any that are labelled or boxed, or catalogues, advertising materials, etc, please get in touch.

Meanwhile, I hope you all find something to enjoy in this issue. Don't forget the giveaway competition, open to all members - new and longtime, whether you've won before or not!

Best wishes,



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