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Travel Room in a Suitcase by Karin F. of Orr Lake Minis


Just a few photos to whet your appetite....



Look out the window ....


It's twilight. A fierce snow storm is raging. Can you hear how the wind howls? The car is nearly buried in the snow. Soon the roads will be impassable .....

 ....... the shovel is still wet with melting snow, boots hastily removed and tossed aside.


There are papers & files galore ... even a letter sitting unopened next to the keyboard. What's on the desk? ..... look closer:

 hmmm ... more papers, a passport, cell phone, delta ticket folder, and an open map ....


 ..... and on the wall, travel posters. You don't suppose .... ?


In the corner: a cosy chair. A dog close by on the carpet. By the looks of the magazines left behind, it seems to have just been vacated. Take a look at the reading material .... hmmm: a brochure on Mexico & one about Canadian rail travel laying on the carpet; vacation real estate, car rentals and maps on the chair.

The poster on the wall behind the chair is an inspirational one, so common in North America. It reads 'Destiny: it's the choices you make, not the chances you take, that determine your destiny.'

This is the final chapter in our story. Do you remember all the clues?

1. the fierce storm

2. the soon to be impassable roads

3. shovel & boots still covered with snow, hastily thrown aside

4. travel information on the chair

5. travel posters on the wall

6. yet the desk is piled high with work

7. passport, cell phone & airline tickets in full view & at the ready 




Here is your final clue:

8. the suitcases are packed ..... 

In fact, if you look closely, you'll see that one case is bulging so much that bits & pieces of clothing have been caught in the opening.



I leave the conclusion up to you. Do you see a glass half full or half empty? Will they be able to enjoy their trip or will they remain at home????

Remember the Destiny poster on the end wall!

It is the choices you make, not the chances you take,

that determine your destiny!




This roombox was made for my son and daughter-in-law in 2009: they work from home ... Cindy hates the cold and snow and loves nothing better than to travel .... they have a dachshund named Jake in real life, and the picture in the Destiny poster is of The Arches at Los Cabos Baja, Mexico, where the four of us spent our vacation in February of that year.

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