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Family & Friends' Dolls' Houses, by Liza Antrim

Volume 2 of Liza's lavishly illustrated history of Baby & Dolls’ Houses
and the makers of their furnishings.



 Published by Cider House Books at £60 plus P&P


This worthy companion to Liza's first book (Family Dolls' Houses of the 18th & 19th Centuries - see below for details) covers many more mostly unknown Dolls' Houses and is every bit as beautifully illustrated and informative about the treasures held therein. 


Purchase & other details for Family & Friends' Dolls' Houses of the 17th, 18th & 19th Centuries can be found at

The Book of Tri-ang Furniture for the Dolls' House 1919-1971 by Marion Osborne

This is a comprehensive reference book for Tri-ang furniture. Includes Tri-ang furniture from 1921 to 1925 made by ELGIN, period furniture from 1935 to 1940, the entire Spot On range from 1960 to 1965, followed by all of the Jennys Home range from 1965 to 1970. There are pictures of most of the dolls house furniture and accessories that appear in Tri-ang catalogues too.


The comb bound book contains 306 pages of text and comes complete with an accompanying disk containing over 4,600 photos. With new technology the print is lovely and crisp and the photos on the disk are in colour.


Price £28.00 Plus Postage

(Price includes one disk of photos)


This unique book, along with Marion Osborne's two other most recent books are now only available from KT Miniatures.

Please click on the following link for details :


Marion's other two recent books, The Book of Tri-ang Dolls' Houses 1919 to 1971 and The Book of Dol-Toi Dolls' House Furniture 1944-75 (see below for details) are also available through KT Miniatures.

The Lala House

Do you remember the wonderful Lala House, featured in the Dolls Houses Past and Present magazine in December 2012? Now BillyBoy* and Lala have published a book about it!



The book shows nearly every single antique miniature within the highly detailed interior of the Lala House, through colourful and exquisite photos. The text explains the various furniture, decorative objects and artefacts of the mid-19th century high bourgeoise lifestyle. Dedicated to their friend, the late Mrs Vivien Greene, the book is filled with many historical references. The link between fashion, culture, class and art through the interiors and decoration is emphasized and discussed at length. A "must have" for doll's house collectors and a wonderful book for those interested in antiques, miniatures, history and decoration.


The Lala House can be ordered online from at 

Family Dolls' Houses, by Liza Antrim

 A lavishly illustrated history of Baby & Dolls’ Houses
and the makers of their furnishings



Published by Cider House Books at £60 + P&P

Purchase & other details on
orders can be emailed to




This book provides a vibrant and revealing insight into the world of antique dolls’ houses. A passion for antique dolls’ houses, 18th and 19th century interiors and wallpapers, architecture and social history has been the inspiration for the writing of this book. Liza Antrim is one of the leading experts in her field. Trained as a picture restorer, she has brought her skills to bear on dolls’ houses which have suffered from generations of play and ‘improvements’. The result is a record of authentic period interiors that are hardly ever seen in the full scale world, a fascinating window into the past. Lavishly illustrated, this beautiful book reveals previously unseen houses, many with original contents and decorations. Original and important research into several newly discovered English makers and toymen makes this an indispensable work of reference.

Purchase & other details for Family Dolls' Houses of the 18th & 19th Centuries can be found at


A German edition of this book is available from Swantje-Koehler-Verlag (


Books by Swantje Koehler

1. Christian Hacker

This book has 336 pages, two completely reprinted catalogues, many original documents from the early 19th century, lots of never published before treasures from old coloured sample books and more than 600 pictures of dollhouses, kitchens, rooms, shops and other wooden toys.
I promise: a book like this never had been on the market!

The book costs Euros 72  (+ Euros 8.60 postage)


This can be paid by paypal or by bank transfer.
It will be on the market in mid August.


2. Ormolu Dollhouse Accessories: Metal Toys From The Erhard & Sohne Company

80 pages reproduces catalogue photos and additional 41 pages of colour pictures of dollhouse furniture and accessories from private collections invite the reader into the homes of the upper class German society of the 19th and early 20th century.


Book price is Euros 67.90  (+Euros 8.60 postage)


3. The Goodman House Museum

A delightful tour through the private collection of Libby Goodman and her Goodman House Museum.


59 vintage dollhouses, 19 antique toy kitchens, 21 period shops and countless furnishings and accessories all assembled by the eye and hand of a passionate collector. With exeptional photography and innovative presentation, the book engages the mind as it guides the reader through dollhouses and minatures of the 18th and 19th centuries. List of makers included!


This book costs Euros 45.00 (+Euros 8.60 postage)




For more information or to order please contact Swantje by email

The book of Dol-Toi dolls house furniture 1944-75, by Marion Osborne


This book is the definitive updated reference book on Dol-Toi.  It includes the furniture in room-by-room chapters, plus the many accessories and dolls (made by Tomac as well as Dol-Toi).  This is the same format as the Triang book; it has 281 pages and comes complete with a disc containing about 3,800 photos to illustrate the book. 


Now available through Celia Thomas of K T Miniatures,


(Revised 6/8/17)

The Book of Tri-ang Dolls' Houses 1919 to 1971 by Marion Osborne


This is the definitive reference book on Tri-ang.  There are pictures of all 131 designs made by Tri-ang, plus over 5,800 photos of most of the dolls’ houses.  The book includes the variations of designs and also the many different parts of the houses for restoration purposes.


There are 281 pages of text, back to back and comb bound, complete with a disc containing over 5,800 photos to illustrate the book.  With new technology the print is lovely and crisp and the photos on the disc are mainly clear, in colour and usually easy to see. 


Now available through Celia Thomas of K T Miniatures,


(Revised 6/8/17)

The Complete Reference Guide to Ideal's 1964 and 1965 Petite Princess and Princess Patti Dollhouse Furniture, by Linda Gant and Deb Holman

After 6 years in the making, this is the ONLY book and reference guide available on Ideal's 1964 and 1965 Petite Princess and Princess Patti Furniture lines.
The first edition is now sold out. A second edition is coming soon - go to our website for updates. All the contents and details of our book can be seen on our website, including a 10 page preview flipbook.
(Updated 31/05/12)

Secondhand Books for sale

Victorian Doll's Houses, Nick Forder.  Apple Press, ISBN 185076672X.  VGC £5

The Doll's House Sourcebook, Caroline Clifton-Mogg. 1993, Cassell, ISBN 0304342602 VGC £5


Making and Dressing Doll's House Dolls, Sue Atkinson. 2001, David & Charles, ISBN 0648800021. Large paperback VGC £4

Making Miniatures in 1/12 scale, Venus & Martin Dodge.1989, David & Charles, ISBN 0715391062.  VGC, £5

Please contact Frances for more information


(Loaded 18/7/11)

The Miniatures - An adventure in the Bren collection by Stephanie Johnson

This is the exhibition catalogue for Hawkes Bay Museum and Gallery's exhibition The Miniatures - An adventure in the Bren collection which ran to 11 April 2010.

From the HBMAG website:

The Miniatures weaves a magical moment around the tiny objects of the Bren collection – a set of miniatures collected in London during the 1930s and 1940s by Reverend Robert Bren. Donated to the Hawke's Bay Cultural Trust in 1958 by Rev Bren’s widow, a single black and white photograph and five small dolls remain the only clues of the stories around which the Reverend created this extraordinary collection.

These secret stories have become the basis for HBMAG's latest writer's project.We invited Stephanie Johnson, an award winning novelist and screen-writer, to bring the Bren collection to life with a new cast of characters. Over a series of visits to explore the collection, Stephanie has created The Miniatures, a tale that leaps off into a fantasy world. Audiences young and old will delight in both the magic of the Bren collection and the storytelling talents of one of New Zealand’s favourite authors.



The story starts:

Just before dawn on Christmas Eve, 1940, while he lay on a rug on the library floor, Kevin found he could bend his tiny corded arms. Very shortly after that he discovered he could move his head, so that the view he had hitherto had up his sister's skirt to her maker's mark - MADE IN GERMANY - was eclipsed.

$NZ 8 + postage:
Email the HBMAG shop manager

(You might consider adding the matching set of fridge magnets to your order:

It's 275 x 225mm and all comes apart except for the 3 little books. $NZ 22.00 + postage)