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FAQ and How To Topics

I hope that these guides will help make your participation in Dolls Houses Past and Present easier and pleasanter. I will add more topics, but here to start with are several topics which members ask about.

Please let me know if you have suggestions for this page.



Problems commenting or logging in

Contact between Members

Photos - how to load them, add captions, etc

Discussion threads

Selling, buying or hiring dolls houses or miniatures

Problems commenting or logging in

You're not the only one! Hopefully these suggestions will help, but if the problem continues, please contact us, and let us know what you were trying to do (eg log in, comment in the forums, write captions or comments on photos, etc), and we will try to help solve it.


Help! I can't comment in the forums

Help! I can't log in!

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Help! I can't comment in the forums

  • There seem to be more problems if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser. Try using another browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • You may need to clear your cache (an area of computer memory devoted to the high-speed retrieval of frequently used or requested data). To do this, press the following keys at the same time:

Ctrl + Shift + Delete

Then, make sure that everything is ticked / checked off, and click on the Clear or Delete button.

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Help! I can't log in!

Unless you joined in order to advertise viagra and handbags, etc, this is most likely a glitch. It doesn't happen very often - but it can happen, so don’t panic … The following are some of the problems members have encountered:



If you enter your user name and password and it tells you they are invalid - if you're sure they are correct, please keep trying. This problem should resolve itself, but please let us know through Contact Us if the problem continues for more than a day.  



If you enter your user name and password as usual and you are denied access with the following message :

You have been frozen for abuse. Please contact for assistance

(In this case, you sometimes still have access to the public part of the site but your profile picture has disappeared, so have most of your photos and all your comments since you joined the site, and in their place appears the comment : 'This content has been removed due to abuse'.)

Don't panic! It's probably an error!

1) First of all write to the website administrators using the Contact Us link, and explain your situation.

2) Once you get a reply confirming it is not coming from their end and they have no problem with you, let the Administrators write to but also write yourself to at (If you wish, we can provide you with a template for the message, just ask Rebecca or Julie Hardy for it).

3) You should hear from webs support within 48 hours and regain full access to the site, with all your photos and comments in place as if nothing had happened. Webs Support email to you might contain this message :

Members are automatically frozen if the following happen,

1. They post 30 comments in one hour (across all sites). 

2. They have 10 items flagged (across all sites)

The WebsID is currently reactivated until we find out more information about the account freezing. Please refrain from engaging in the two acts listed above.


But don’t worry, because you actually never did any of the above anyway!

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Contact between Members

How do I contact other members?

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How do I contact other members?

You can ask questions or give comments to other members by -

  • starting a new topic in the discussion forums
  • going to a member's profile and writing a comment in the Post a Comment box (this message appears on their profile and all members can see it)
  • going to a member's profile and clicking on Send a Message just under the member's photo (this is a private message sent to their inbox)
  • writing a comment under a member's photo in the Photo Gallery (they will receive email notification that there is a new comment) 


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Photos - how to load them, add captions, etc

How to add a Profile Photo

How to add photos to the Photo Gallery

I can't see an Upload Button

Help! My photos don't load

What are the Photo Categories?

How do I add my photos to a Category?

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How to add a Profile Photo

To add a photo of yourself to your profile, click on Edit Profile in your profile, and then in Profile Image, Add Photo. It's best to use a small version of a photo - less than 50 kb or even smaller.  So if you have a large photo, resize it through whatever application you use for photos.

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How to add photos to the Photo Gallery

On the menu at the left, click on Photo Gallery, and then click on the 'Add Photos' button at the top righthand side of the Photo Gallery. You'll get the option to create and name a new album, or to add photos to an existing album (for your photos, it would probably be best to create a new album). Then you click 'Upload Photos' to browse your computer files and select the photos you want to upload, and then click 'Submit' when you've finished selecting. When the photos are uploaded, you should be able to add names and captions to them.

The photos you put in the Gallery show up on the Photos tab of your profile, but can't be added there, only through the Gallery. 

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I can't see an Upload Button

The Upload button requires Adobe Flash Player. If you're using an ipad, unfortunately that's incompatible with Adobe Flash, so you won't be able to upload. If you're using another platform which is compatible, try updating your Adobe Flash.

For members who have an ipad, the only solution so far (not really a solution, just a way around it), is for them to email the photos to Rebecca, and I then upload them.

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Help! my photos don't load

If you are following the process to add photos to the photo gallery, and it's not working, the reason could be:

the file names of your photos cannot contain punctuation marks (except for the . before the file type name. The upload will fail if the file name contains symbols like # or / or has full stops or period marks in them ( ... ).

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What are the Photo Categories?

In the Photo Gallery, you will see a list of Categories, in the column on the left, below the main menu and your Member profile:


These help you find Photo Albums more easily. Click on any of these Categories and you will see photo albums from different members, showing dolls houses by the same maker, or the same type of thing or kind of event, etc.

Most of the Categories are makers' names - manufacturers and artisans who made or designed the dolls houses, dolls house furniture and dolls house dolls shown in the albums. 

The remaining categories are:

  • types of things, especially where the maker is unknown, or for models other than houses, and Identity Parades which show one type of thing, made by many manufacturers.

Box Backs unknown

Children’s dolls houses

Identity Parades



Shops & Kitchens

Unknown Maker DH (dolls houses)

Unknown Maker Dolls

Unknown Maker Furn (furniture)

Wallpapers etc

  • events, actions, etc:

Celebrations (in our dolls houses and/or our real lives

Fairs (photos of dolls house fairs we've been to)

For Sale Free Ads

Made by Us (dolls houses, furniture, dolls, etc, that we've made)

Museums (photos we have taken when we've visited museums)

Our Buys (things we've bought, whether at fairs, in op shops, online, etc)

Our Collections (usually for photo albums which show more than one dolls house, or made by more than one manufacturer, etc)

Restorations - this includes Renovations too, and sometimes shows the process of restoring / renovating, or sometimes just the completed house. Some photo albums of restorations end up in the category for the maker of the dolls house - it depends whether the focus is the process, or the result.

Tutorials (albums showing how to make something)

  • And finally, Greconville Tales, for Rosemary's small people and their adventures (now up to 28 albums!) 

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How do I add my photos to a Category?

You can only select a category for a whole photo album, not for individual photos, and you can only have one category per album. So if you have one photo album showing several dolls houses by different makers, you couldn't select a different category for each house. You can put albums like this into Our Collections, or Made by Us if you made them all.

To add your photo album to a Category, go into the album, and click Edit Album, which you can see here at the top of the album view, in the centre right of the row:



When you have clicked Edit Album, you see this view:


At the top is the window to type in the Album Title, below that a window for the Album Description, and underneath that, Album Category appears  with a drop down menu to choose from. Click on the arrows at the right to scroll up and down the list. Select the appropriate category, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Save.


You can add also a new category here, for example if the maker of your dolls house is not already named in the list. If you do add a new category, it will stay at the top of the list until the website owner or administrator edits it and moves the new name into alphabetical order.

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Is it OK to discuss sellers' practices or prices?

No. Commenting on any sellers' trading practices, or the prices asked or reached, is not allowed. Such comments may have an adverse effect on those sellers' businesses. This could lead to legal action for defamation or libel against the member making the comment, or the site owner and/or administrator.

Is it OK to discuss eBay auctions?

Sometimes you may see a dolls house listed on eBay that you would like members' opinions on. As we know, dolls houses are not always accurately identified, and asking for information or opinions from other members can be a good way to find out more.

Discussing auctions which have ended is fine!


For current auctions:

If the dolls house or miniature you want to discuss is listed in the Dolls' Miniatures and Houses category, it is safe to assume that many members and other eBayers will have seen it already. Discussing these auctions will probably not greatly affect the amount of competition for them. Before mentioning an auction in the forums, however, please think about how you would feel if you were bidding on it and other members discussed it.

However, if it is listed under another category, by mentioning it on this website you may be drawing it to the attention of more potential bidders who might not otherwise have seen it, thereby increasing the competition on the auction. In such cases, please don't discuss it publicly in the forums. Instead, consider sending a private message to me, Julie, or another knowledgeable member. 

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Would you be interested in selling or hiring one of your dolls houses?

Dolls Houses Past and Present is an online collectors group, with over 1000 members around the world. The dolls houses (and furnishings, dolls and accessories, etc) which appear in the Photo Gallery on the website belong to individual members. 

Generally, if a member wishes to sell one of their dolls houses, they will list it on the For Sale page, put it in the For Sale photo album, or otherwise indicate that it is for sale. However, if you are particularly interested in buying a certain dolls house (etc), you could send a message clearly identifying the dolls house and the member who owns it, to the website owner, through the Contact Us form. The website owner takes no responsibility for forwarding the request to the member concerned, nor for any transactions that may result.

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I want to sell my dolls house. How do I upload it to your website?

Dolls Houses Past and Present offers two ways for members to list dolls houses, dolls house dolls, furnishings, accessories, etc.

Members can upload photos themselves to the For Sale Free Ads photo album in the Photo Gallery. See the Terms of Use in the album.

Photos and information can only be uploaded to the For Sale pages (for Houses and Shops, Furnishings, Dolls, Supplies, and Books & Mags) by the website owner or administrator. Please contact me (Rebecca) or Julie Hardy, through our Profile pages, for our email addresses to send photos. We will need the following information:

clear photos of the exterior and interior

the dimensions of the house

the price you are asking

your location

whether you would require it to be collected or could package it for postage or courier

how you would like potential buyers to contact you (eg through your member profile, by phone or by email)

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Would you be interested in buying my dolls house?

Dolls Houses Past and Present is an online collectors group, with over 1000 members around the world. As a group, we do not buy dolls houses.

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