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Lutyens House
Adam's House
Rowan Lodge
Ann Lewis Jewellers
Edwards Antiques
The Grange
Green meadows
Internet Cafe
Rose Cottage
April Cottage
Pield Heath Manor
Bay View
  • Bay View
  • 3 Photos | Updated July 1, 2015
The Village Hall
Chy-Glas ha Chy-Rudh
The Mews
  • The Mews
  • 9 Photos | Updated June 4, 2015
Snowdrop Cottage
Candleford Cottage
106 Bell Lane
Blossom Cottage
Holly Lodge
Sea View
  • Sea View
  • 7 Photos | Updated April 20, 2015
Emerald cafe
1940's house
Hobbit House
Highlands Hotel
Primrose Cottage
  • Mayfair
  • 10 Photos | Updated September 23, 2014
Victoria Road houses
Le Chateau
Lake View
  • Lake View
  • 9 Photos | Updated November 13, 2015
Church House
Eight shops
Mackintosh Items
DHE The Priory
Waterside Way Apartments
DHE Classical
My Queen Anne
Russian Lodge
My Treasure
Rennie Mackintosh 1/12th .

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