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Category: Unknown Maker Houses

Unknown Dollhouse
Alyson's Mystery House
Lesley's Mystery House
20 All Toffs Road
1930s Bungalow
Suffolk House
Triang Cottage Copy
German house, maker unknown
Karens tiny house
Mary Noel's Mystery House
Skip House
Box back
"Tiny" Cottage
new purchase july 2016
Wood Villa.
The Grey House
Badgers' Hollow
hertwig house
The Priory.
My project help needed
Jan's old, small house
Fran's old house
Leigh's old house
Linwood House
Janice's Dolls house
transformation project
Eileen's Mouse house.
Flower shop
Georgina's Boutique
Zoe H - The Chalet
Zoe H - Alma Villa
The Laurels
Willow Cottage mystery
Jan's Teddy's Lodge
Paddock Wood Houses
Maitland Mannor
what is this
Courgette Cottage
Fubar Farm
Zoe H - Ella's House
The Handmaid's House
Eileen's 2 room cottage.
Maison d'Anjou
Eileen's booby purchase.
Vintage Christmas Project
Jan's Alexandra Lodge
Ashbourne House
12 Worthington Road
Carlton house.
Eileen's Little house
A German dollhouse
Shanni's Giant Distraction
Church Farm House
Shanni's Tulip Cottage
Valerie's Hooe House
'The Nook'
Edwardian house and shop
Poole House
Dilapitated house
Peggoty Leggotys house
Primrose cottage
Coppins Place.
Is this a Hobbies House?
Kitchen Doll House
Coldghyll House
Hayley's House
folding roombox
The Original Alice Villa
Sabine Hall
unknown maker
Gravel Lane House
Carol's Cottage
Valerie's Latest Folly
The brick house
Alicia- Micha House
hollys first house
Donated Dolls House
My New House - Erzulie
Someone stop me!!!!!!
"The Hut"
Abigail's ebay bargain!
progress so far!
La maison de Monika
TOMTEBO from France
Joan's new "baby".
Holly's Doll House
Debbie Woodhouse
Debbie Woodhouse
Babs, German house
Alicia's Photo Album

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