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Scale creep!
cobham 2
  • cobham 2
  • 3 Photos | Updated February 21, 2017
Cobham - February 2017
Tea Set
  • Tea Set
  • 1 Photo | Updated February 14, 2017
auction find
Spring Miniatura 2016
KDF, December 2015
KDF Christmas 2015
Miniatura, October 2015
KDF May 2015
Jenny's Pudsey Fair buys
Christmas presents
KDF, November 2014
A good day house hunting!
My Bedford Auction Haul
Lincoln antique fair
What I bought at Cobham
Wendy's Cobham Buys
Jane's Dollhouses
KDF, May 2014
Todays finds
Recent Purchases
Smallfield goodies
  • Bottles
  • 2 Photos | Updated February 21, 2014
Miniatura, September 2013
Patty's holiday find
Happy shopping
Happy shopping
Can't resist a bargain
KDF, May 2013
2013 Spring Miniatura
Bought a job lot
From KDF, Nov 24 2012
Pat Cutforth's Sale Buys
Wendy Stephen Cobham Buys
Cobham Goodies - Oct 12
£10 for all this!!!
One of my bargain buys
Cobham Fair Finds
Joy's auction finds
A bag of goodies
claires new
claires things
Old Dolls House Pieces
claires stuff
Charity shop bargains
car boot bargain

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