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Roof on
  • Roof on
  • 1 Photo | Updated September 25, 2018
Next door update
Next door
  • Next door
  • 4 Photos | Updated August 20, 2018
  • Attics
  • 9 Photos | Updated July 28, 2018
Neighbourhood Watch
side gardening
Gardening leave
Externals 2
Bathroom 02
Dressing the bathroom 01
Yes, it's the bathroom
The hidden inner space
Closure for small bedroom
Vague general update
Back to master bedroom
Return to small bedroom
Suitcase and fireplace
Bedroom linen box/ottoman
Small front bedroom
Here and there downstairs
Sharing today's post
Kitchen at last
A better lamp?
Fireplace continuing
Dining room fireplace
That there wallpaper
Put-upon bear
Kitchen progression
Working on the kitchen
A little buying
Not quite three
More shopping than doing
  • Bits
  • 7 Photos | Updated January 26, 2017
New Build 30s - 50s inc

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