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Green shop

This came to me from the Netherlands, but I think it might be German. I've had it for over a year and have had great fun accumulating bits and pieces for it - lots of lucky flea market finds and some ebay bargain hunting.
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Rather unimaginatively named "The Green Shop" because of the drawer fronts and painted floor.
The posters on the wall are the only things I made for the shop - they are printouts of historic posters for the Sprengel chocolate factory, an important local business.
No dolls' house or shop is truly complete without a pet...
Modern china cat washing its ears...
...under the critical gaze of Minerva, who supervised the photo session
Brass scales
Bisque shopkeeper, found at the flea market
The tin of coffee extract contains a tiny measure for the powdered contents. The tin is a HB one, coffee extract was a typical ersatz product in bad times
The cardboard soap box on top of the shelves was one of my luckiest bargains, these are scarce and usually very dear
I took this picture with my phone on a sunny afternoon in the summer
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