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Dutch dressmaker's shop by SIO

This is from the mid-1950s and is in excellent condition."SIO" stands for "Speelgoed Industrie Overijssel" or "Toy Industry Overijssel". The factory was located in Vroomshoop in the Dutch province of Overijssel and the company had a sales outlet on Herengracht in Amsterdam. SIO existed from 1938 to 1982 and made a wide range of attractive wooden toys. Unusually for me, I bought this little shop fully fitted out and liked everything that was in it. The only addition I have made is the little German bisculoid dressmaker.
The shop is very small...
SIO button on the floor of the shop
The metal iron looks like one of those miniatures people collected in the 1980s, I don't think it's original to the shop.
German bisculoid doll wearing her original clothes
Dressmaker's equipment
Paper packet of HB needles that came with the shop
Another perspective...
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