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Small tin bathroom from Germany

Unmarked bathroom, the base is 24x11cm and the room is 12.5cm high. It could be a Göso product, made by Christian Götz & Sohn of Fürth in Bavaria. The firm was in operation from 1876 to 1971 and made a wide range of tin toys.
I love these German bathrooms with working taps; this one is in very good condition with no rust and only a few tiny scrapes to the paintwork on the toilet.
The dolls are all celluloid Minervas, made by Buschow & Beck of Nossen in Saxony.
This little fellow is only 5cm tall and would not originally have had clothes.
This Minerva girl is 8cm tall and has a lovely chubby toddler's figure.
Little tin toilet with home-made roll of loo paper.
Water tank at the back for the bath tap.
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