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David's Mystery House

David says, "I am somewhat baffled by this ‘dolls house’ which dates from the mid-1930s. It is in roughly 1/12 scale and lit by electric light. It has sadly lost its front and back facades and the staircase needs to be re-fixed but appears to have been made by a very competent cabinet maker or architect. Unlike most dolls houses, its plan-form functions entirely as a real house, with properly interconnecting rooms, across a spine wall, giving a kitchen, scullery, pantry, three bedroom, drawing room, dining room, morning room, separate bathroom and lavatory and a staircase which cleverly breaches the spine wall, as it would in a real house. It appears to have been entirely hand-made made in Surrey before 1939 with a specially made rotating platform, but all other aspects of its history are a mystery. The chimneypieces etc are all handmade and the floor coverings, where not fitted carpet, reflect the function of each room. Over the past few years have bought a lot of 1930s hand-made miniature furniture with which to furnish it, and may offer it for sale soon. Was it a child’s toy, a model of a real house designed as a child’s toy, or some form of speculative builder’s model? It came from a fairly rich family of stockbrokers who had similar houses in Paris, Belfast and Hampstead, but it is not based on any house in which they are known to have lived."
Side 1 of house
Side 2 of house
Side 1 - ceilings and lights
Room with fireplace
Another room with a fireplace
Detail of the fireplace
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