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My Hanse house redecorated

There is a bit of history to this complete redecorating: When me and my boyfriend, now husband, started to live together at the age of 23, I purchased a dollhouse. I was inspired by some incredible dollhouses that I saw through a library book that told about the gigantic, expensive Dutch cabinets from centuries ago. I wanted to make a modern house, less expensive ;) I worked in a specialized store where wallpaper was sold so I could take examples home and so my first step into the dollhouse world was set. I removed a wall, added one and purchased darn good furniture and accessories. Then we got two daughters and because of the detailed miniatures I didn't want them to play with it. And we didn't have room to expose the house. So it ended up in the attic where it collected dust for many many years. And about 2 years ago I gave it to a charity shop. Not knowing that I gave away a Hanse house with original furniture.And not knowing that I would fall in love with miniature designing again. While writing this I am again pulling my hair out of my skull, I feel so much regret!! So when someone offered this little house for a bargain, I couldn't resist. And again I am not keeping it as the original, I want to add things and remove things just so it will become the fun thing I long for. It is not that this is a rare house, there are made thousands and thousands of them so I don't feel like a complete barbarian :) If you are purist: just skip this album ;)
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