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Building works needed at the building works

Because of the large foot print of the house I knew the area of the roof was going to be very big. It could be either very tall with very few gables spreading out over long reaches or it could be broken up into smaller gable sections which is the way I’ve gone, adding three gabled areas, one not quite flat or sloping area and two small, flat leaded areas. Because I knew it would result in an awful lot of all red colour spreading out for ever, quite early on I went for an area to be under construction or improvement by the little people who inhabit the 1:12 world so that there would be a storyline going on up there on the roof too. Eventually the back story for the building scene settled on storm damage in the back attic block.
Starting on the first slope
As far as can go till other slope is done
Starting on the other side
As far as have got so far ...
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