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Now a fully-qualified solicitor, Bernard has decided the time has come to buy a car.
He peers in through the window, 'Ah yes, there it is, a tad pricy but just the thing for the family...' he thinks.
Spotting Bernard, Martin leaps from his chair and hurries out to greet him.
"Oh the 'Empire' yes, it's doing marvellously. Sales of the old motors going well..." he blags, "...and we have a new valeting service up and running now as you can see."
Bernard explains that he's interested in the car Bernard has in the showroom.
Having agreed that the car was eminently suitable, the two men sat down to begin their negotiations.
Before too long a mutually acceptable deal was struck and the two old chums shook hands.
Thirty minutes later, Bernard was leaving with his new motor - what a man of means he felt now and Rita was going to be so proud of him, he'd beaten Martin down by almost £2.
11 which point he raced back into the showroom, grabbed his red pen and brought his sales chart bang up-to-date with great excitement.
Oblivious to Martin's jubilation next door, Felix decides it's time to make himself at home in the garage by hanging a picture of his favourite pin-up.
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