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Gottschalk in need of restoration

This dolls house belongs to Nancie in Minnesota, USA. She says, "I believe this is a Gottschalk - I'm guessing to be around 1910 as it does not have lithograph paper on the exterior - only on the interior walls. It has some Tudor painted stripping on the top front. I bought it on Ebay last May so maybe someone will remember it. Part of the roof is missing as well as porch railings.These will be the hardest to copy and replace. Also where the roof joins up to the other roof may be somewhat tricky. I'm not sure, but the roof may have been hinged although I'm not sure if Gottschalk had houses like that. Otherwise there is a third floor if the roof was hinged. The windows I have a feeling were just isinglass and curtains as all of the windows are just rectangular openings - no fretwork - but I'm not sure if the windows had any bars, etc in them." Please comment if you can help Nancie identify the model and how it would have looked originally!
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Front of probable Gottschalk house
Part of the roof is missing
Porch railings missing
Remaining porch railings
Porch from an angle
Porch railing broken off
It doesn't fill the whole space!
The missing roof
House on display
Photo from 'Little Houses by the Side of the Road' by Florence Theriault
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