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In which Cedric holds a party to celebrate the engagement of Bernard to Rita; we are introduced to Cedric's twin daughters Joyce and Doris, his son-in-law Stanley, and his granddaughter Shirley; we meet Cedric's sister-in-law Ophelia (the sister of his first and late wife Sylvia) and in which we witness the disgruntled soul of said late wife leaving Cedric's household [hopefully] for good.
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The eldest (by three and a half minutes) of Cedric's twins, Joyce, is down from London for the celebration.
Cedric's younger twin, Doris, was wed to husband Stanley at the tender age of sixteen.
Little Sylvia and Polly Pronto have taken Shirley upstairs to see Isla's collection of Dolls' Houses.
Meanwhile, downstairs in the living room, Cedric's sister-in-law, Ophelia has arrived and is being introduced to Isla and Rita.
Later in the proceedings, a toast was called
"Poppycock!" exclaimed Ophelia once she'd recovered from her coughing fit
"Yes, I'm afraid, it's true, Isla." said Joyce
Isla was still standing there speechless when suddenly, the door to the living room flew open.
There on the doorstep lay Mrs McWraith's uniform...
Upstairs, the girls have heard the rumpus going on below.
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