Carl Larsson House Carl Larsson House The House of Carl Larsson This house I have modelled on the Art of Carl Larsson a Swedish painter of the 19th century. A lot of his work was of his family his wife and children. The designs I have taken from his water colours of the interior of the house. The lay out is not correct but I've adapted it to fit. In total there are ten sheets (A3) of print to make this house. And although a lot of the detail is on the walls I have left enough for you to furnish it as well. 99524024 99524023 99524142 99524143 Six internal rooms, on two floors joined by a stair case, which you could leave out if you wanted as the prints cover the whole of the walls. It stands 13 inches high and 24 inches wide and 9 inches deep. 99524025 The kitchen with water closit on left and range on right. 99524027 99524137 99524138 Hallway come dinning room. 99524028 99524140 The sitting room. 99524030 99524031 99524032 99524141 This is the boys room and landing. 99524033 The bunks have been cut out so that they can been used as beds. 99524134 99524135 This is "Papa's" room (Carl) he slept alone away from the noise of the Children. 99524029 99524136 Adjoining Carls room is "Mama's & the baby girls room. This I proberly think we have all seen pictures of in design mags and books 99524026 99524139