Room boxes Room boxes Garden shed Made by my friend Diane. 89015626 Cupboard box Made by my friend Diane. 89016062 Inside cupboard box. 89016061 Jewelry box room 89016456 inside jewelry box Made for a Glaswegian friend,hence the tartan! 89016457 Made for my mother-in-law Family photos on the wall. 89016458 Garden shed. Made by my husband for his dad. 89016459 Display cupboard house made for a little girl 89016460 Flower shop Joint effort by my husband and me,a gift for my sister-in-law. 89016461 Bathroom. Made by a friend to house a vintage bath and basin that she had stuck in a drawer. 89016462 197308073 Shed My husband made this as a gift for my dad who was building a dolls house for my cousin in his own shed at the time. 89016463 conservatory This I made for my mum a few years ago.It is based on the conservatory on the house we were living in at the time. 89131584 Kitchen Made for one of my mums carers when she was in a home. 89016464 conservatory Made for the same lady as the kitchen. 89016455 Elgin room box Selection of 1920's Elgin furniture and Erna Meyer dolls having a tea party. 89106978 1930's roombox 30's roombox containing, Westacre, Pit a pat and Cole furniture and inhabited by Pomona dolls 89106980 Schneegas roombox 89106982 Victorian room box 89117338