Sally-Ann Sally-Ann Teak House picture rails and skirting gone and you can see where some had taped the wire for the lights to walls. This was all covered with paper. in some ways it has kept the wood good. Would like to here from anybody that can shed some light on it. The house is 30" tall by 30" wide, it's big. 67817242 Teak house The front door is missing would have also been hand made someone added arched replacement. Back panels fixed and have windows, plastic frames have been removed. 67817243 Teak House front elevation .Opening panels missing. Did come with MDF replacements I have removed those. The first floor extends out further than the walls. 67817244 Teak house This is close up of doors, it is actually beaded around edge.Door frame is on floor. The stair case is also inlaid with solid stair rail. 67817245 Teah House Internal door, edged and hand made brass key plate. 68050334 Teak house Dove tail Joints. The internal walls slid into place from the back. 68050335 French House This was my first project. April 2009. Bought in Charity shop. Hand made MDF. It did have it own solid front door and shutters. I've added centre window. 68050634 French House Nearly there, shutters and railing to go on. 68050631 French House It came with 4 basic rooms I've added the stair case on upstairs toilet. 68050627 French house I made the stones for the 2 edd walls. and now wish I had made some stone floor tiles insted of adding the victorian floor paper. but it did look a bit french. 68050628 68050629 68050630 1887 Arts & Crafts House. This was a basic MDF terrace house kit off e.bay. I have extended the front to add the Gable end and slid the side wall alone to give access to kitchen and bathroom 68050625 1887 Arts & Crafts House The inside will be decorated in the arts and crafts style William Morris wallpapers and tiles, and I hope to make my own Eastlake furniture. 68050626 Venetian Palace. This is going to be my total extravaganzer. It's a 1/12 kit but I'm going to make it up in 1/24 to give the rooms huge proportions more in keeping. The front elavation I'm going to do in White Marble with Pillars and Balconies and insid painted ceilings and lots of Gold, yummy!. 68050632 Sad little G/B toys House. I know theres hundreds of these, but it look in ned of some TLC. Will follow Daneils artical in Dolls house Mag to find out what I have to do to restore it. It hase complete been painted over with gloss and the wall paper was stuck on with evo-stick. Has anybody got a mint one with the printed floor patterns and walls? 68050633 San Francisco House These house are know as "painted ladies" in Amerca. They date from mid eighties and are Queen Anne in Style 69631543 San Francisco House This is a Hobby's Pattern and this particular house was made 20 years ago. I have started to take off paint and will clad the outside in timber. Also have all the Verandah post and railings to go on. 69631903 San Francisco House This house was made as a toy and has had a lot of wear it's 54" high & 29" deep so it's quite a lump, and has been fitted with castors. 69632666 San Francisco house I have started stripping it down as I want to restore it to a good example of it's style of house. ( the two upper back rooms were where the staircase went, now two bathrooms) 69632665 San Francisco House I have removed the stair case and started to refit as it originally went staight up from the ground floor then along the back to the upper floor. I have to add the top flight to reach the loft which I have opened up. 69632667 Grenleaf House Kit This is the Arthur house. It's a kit i've made for a friend. They are extremely fiddly, not for the faint hearted and needs a lot of preporation to get a good finish. The whole thing is only constructed out of thin ply. 68050624 Greenleaf house completed inside and off to new owners! 69632660 All curtains draw and the roller blind in the bathroom works too 69632661 69632662 69632663 69632664 Generick Regency House Bought off ebay, not for the house but for the furniture inside? 93732253 This house was filled with lovely hardwood furniture and fire places, intended to sell the house on. But I liked it's simplicity so have kept it and I had plans to build a Victorian Gothic revival house, have all the furniture and fiitiings so thought this would do until then slightly tounge in cheeck decoration! 93732252 From the top left Miss Marshs' bedroom. All the wall covering are first painted on household lining paper then any feature are painted on skirting cornices and chiminey breasts, in this room the interal wardrobes which will have doors added. 93734257 The bed I will make into a bedstead and not the divan, i did make the mattress and pillows. 93734258 Upper floor. Loo in corner, which will be boxed in. Painted tiled panel above bath to take sower attchment later. 93734259 Window at rear is painted on. 93734260 Dinning room with painted paneling wall paper is copied from a book of crafting papers and reduce in size 93734261 Would like to strip all this furniture to make a more natural finish. 93734262 Sitting room with alcoves and china painted on. Fireplace to be marbled. Also meet Miss Marsh (in her undergarments! please forgive!) She lost her love in the war and inhereted the house from an Aunt, she used to be a compain for and ran the downstairs Bookshop. 93734263 This will be the Bookshop you ca'rnt see in the photo but the design is drawn on the walls. There is one Bookshelf which I'm making Books for and the other two will be painted on. There is also a "Tea Room" at the back in the conservatory. 93734264 The kitchen too is not finished. Even the electrician has'nt finished in here! 93734265 This I thought was fun. Wilst staying at my Sons' rented house I notice the old ceiling paper and raced off to the DIY shops when I got home, really good looking moulding hey? and it covers the wiring. 93734256