Marion M Marion M 47284665 Art Deco House Handbuilt 48078187 48078186 Side stairs to Art Deco House 48078189 Tennis Court on the roof 48078190 Does anyone have any ideas about this house? The little curtains are paper and inside the pictures are home made from comis with Betty Boo type pictures. Any idea of age or make? German?? 57210117 Inside the little ?German house 57210118 Is this a Lines Bros. Ltd no 61? Have looked in Marion Osbornes book and this seems the closest match. 57210119 Inside of the ?61. The inside is all original and I also have the steps but these are not in the photo. 57210120 This is the back of a very large house, not sure if it is Victorian or Edwardian 57451578 Inside of the large house. This house has original glass windows. The kitchen window is cracked but I have not tried to replace it for fear of damaging the frame as it is puttied in. The ceilings are all corniced and the wallpaper is, I think, original to the house. 57457296 Children's room and WOW soooo many of them 57457470 Parlour - Auntie has been invited to tea but she prefers to drink wine and smoke, sooo outrageous (my kind of girl!!) 57457805 Front view of the large house 57451828 Master bedroom where mother is 'lying in' with yet another new baby, with local midwife in attendance. 57524443 It's all happening in the kitchen 57460358 They just HAD to have one of those new flush toilets and a bath, even though they did not have a room to put it in ( lol) 57524444 The 'carpet' on the landing, stairs and hall is beautiful. It is, I think, something that used to be called 'oil cloth', which was fixed to a cork type backing. This is just the cloth stuck to the floors and stairs. It was very dirty when I got the house but came up lovely with a damp cloth 57524445 Stockbroker in orignal condition c.1930's Beautiful old house with all windows etc. Recently bought from a lady in Wales. Had not been touched for many years, hence all the dust. Presently in quarantine wrapped in plastic and treated for woodworm. 61009293 It has striped wallpaper in the garage that is original!! 61009294 The dial is still intact on the sundial 61009295 Has all fireplaces but 2 not attached. 61009296 Lines No. 37 61009297 The little Mouselows at home 61009298