Next door update Next door update 34 inches wide and about 23 high with mixture of remedied areas with rough cast in white and bare brickwork and ruined fireplaces and bits of plaster and wallpaper here and there 205297910 As seagulls love a cliff face I've added one on this ledge, leaving mess everywhere as usual. Whether I mean me or the seagull I leave you to judge :) 205297913 Kids have taken to playing here In this corner one has been digging and sieving along with the rubber duck and a kitten 205297912 Two fireplaces the upper one has a nest in the fire grate and in the downstairs fireplace there's bits of a tea set and a jam jar with weeds in it 205297911 Next door The ivy, convolvulus and dandelions are all plant kits that kept me busy for a while 205297909 Finally started the roof Cardboard tile strips bought in, inlcuding the rounded set 205305874 Kitten and cat on an adventure next door 205305875 Are they wanting to investigate the pigeons? 205305878 Magenpies on the look out 205305876 Added to plastic, now painted flower spikes with well dry and seeds shaken out Greater Plantain spikes painted up. Wonder how long they'll last 205305877