Estate Sale Find Estate Sale Find FAO Schwarz Mystery House A lucky find at an estate sale. I did not expect to find a house from 1897 in a garage in Southern California! One wonders at its journey!! It needs a great deal of work. There were no windows or doors . I do have the last front panel but for some reason I did not take a pic of it. Doh! I'll get some better photos but note that it is the same as the other one in the file! I love me inspiration! 205250389 How it looked at the sale I got it out of the garage at the Sale to get a better look at it. The painted floors and chamfered trim were all in place. Its 51" long. It had been stripped. No papers, windows or doors. I was sad about this but it does give me a chance to restore it properly and also get to choose the wallpapers etc. 205250387 The back Its probable that the center back panel was replaced. 205250384 Base of the house Here is a peek underneath. 205250421 Painted floors The classic "mystery house" floors are in good shape. I am so excited that they were intact. One floor is broken as you can see in the other pictures and the staircase and 2nd floor of the stair hall are also missing. 205250382 Kitchen Floor The floor in the wing is a different pattern and the rooms are a bit smaller. 205250423 Took the roof off Well, getting it in the car was a challenge but I was undeterred! 205250385 window trim One window on the side of the house still had the window trim. I can use it to make more. 205250388 More trim I was lucky to also have one piece of trim for over the doors. I also found some of the chamfered trim left in the attic. I am so glad to have these as patterns. 205250390 Hardware The front panels have their original latches. 205250419 Doorbell I was surprised to learn that these houses had doorbells. 205250422 Lots of layers I am not relishing the idea of stripping this trim. I believe the original color was green. 205250424