Too many dealers spoil the broth! Too many dealers spoil the broth! The Antiques Auction was held on the second Wednesday of every month. It was a popular event and always well-attended. It was also the first time that Cedric and the Geek's paths had crossed..... 205136058 They first clashed over a tasty little Oriental chest. The Geek glared at Cedric and if looks could kill, Cedric should have collapsed on the spot but he was buillt of sterner wire than that! 205136073 Mrs. McDonald and her little daughter Minnie, were hoping to find some interesting old books. 205136074 Whilst Mrs Hayward was hoping that the dubious looking man was not going to bid on the pretty milk glass tea set. It would be perfect to use when the Vicar came to tea. The lack of a sugar bowl would not matter since the Vicar did not have a sweet tooth and Mrs H loathed the stuff herself. OH! She did hope that man - wasn't he one of those dubious types who lodged with the Geek? - would not be bidding against her. 205136092 Oscar was fascinated by a richly decorated piece. Could it be Indian or Chinese? He had heard a rumour that Lord someone of Knightingale village had lost interest in his collection - maybe this was a piece from his house, it was certainly very unusual. He needed to inspect it more closely so he grabbed a Cromwellian style chair from The Geek's grasp so he could stand upon it. 205136120 Cedric was just mincing up towards Oscar's pert backside when he was halted in his tracks by a tap on the shoulder. 205136121 He slowly turned and found himself looking down upon the tiny - but perfectly formed - Crimplene trousered Geek. The Geek smiled slyly - "I think that we may have interests in common" he said softly. "Why don't you call upon me some time and partake of a glass of sweet Sherry?" 205136122 Upon entering the Geek's home, Cedric was both appalled and nervous to note the state of the stair carpet. "You have a serious Health and Safety problem" he said in a rather quavery voice as he stepped over the moth eggs as cautiously as anyone does when treading on eggs. 205140790 In the kitchen all was confusion and chaos Honest Ed looked rather guilty and grabbed the Hoover. "We used to have a cleaner" he said."An Austrian woman but she turned out to be a trifle unreliable. She must have left here a year ago...or maybe longer. We couldn't possibly give her references, you know...." his voice faded away and he strode off into the living room clutching the Hoover, 205140789 There yet more mess and muddle met the eye. Having seated himself somewhat nervously in a hopefully, moth free chair, he then leapt up and asked to use the bathroom. "It's upstairs", said the Geek "Help yourself." (This was a term of speech that he often said to himself, and he often obeyed his own instructions) Cedric inwardly groaned - he would have to climb up that infested carpet - what a risky thing to do. But to wash his hands was a more important thing to do at that moment. 205140810 After tip-toeing up the stairs of horror, he noticed the tidemarks in the bath. the wet towels. Were these really the sort of people that he wanted to make friends with? 205140817 Upon returning to the sitting room, he noted that a quick tidy-up had taken place during his absence. His eyes roamed around the room. Some Fool's Gold modern sculptures, The Arne Jacobsen egg chair - he hoped that the name had not enticed the little varmints to take up residence in it - and he was sure that he had seen a dark Jane Newman dresser under all the dust in the kitchen. He wondered if the Geek had the instinct to find the treasure amongst the dross at auctions. A divvie, that's what they were called! The taste here was certainly very different from that of the elite Hill House Antiques - snobby little pair they were, in his opinion. Yes, perhaps if he teamed up with these rough Grecons, he might be able to upset those two! 205140827 The 1/16th J.N. dresser that Cedric observed in the kitchen. 205141692 And here a quick news flash from The Towers The bathroom is simply over-run with mice so another cat has been brought in since the arrogant and supercilious Princess Tai-Liu does not seem to be keeping her claws on the situation. 205148678 WELL - I AM AMAZED- it works again!!! Bryan hummed happily to himself as he arranged the new arrivals in the show room . Lovely pieces, all of them and he could scarcely bear to part with them, but needs must. His new treasure had to be paid for, sacrifices had to be made. Norah had clicked and clucked but had had to admit to the simple beauty of the country piece -1644 -Bryan had dated it at. Norah's eyes rolled- wasn't that the time that the Royalist Grecons were trying to hack the Cromwellian Grecons into little bits - well, all she could say about that was that it was a good thing that some sensible woman had kept polishing and dusting it and put it out of harms way. She'd taken a bet that once that wife of Sir Thomas set eyes on it, Bryan would be torn - cash in hand or a love affair with old Oak? Still, there was the other simpler court cupboard to be offered to my Lady and surely carved by the same hand! 205152307 Norah wasn't into antiques herself. From a simple Dol-Toi furnished home, and a family "no-nonsense" approach - until Grand-pa went "funny" - and she hadn't sorted that one out yet and the old buffer wasn't communicating at all these days - under whatever alias he went under. Strange affair that, she thought as she bottled beetroot, and she personally put it down to despicable dealers. Raise a Grecon's value, put it on a plinth, and then the trade topples and it's back to road kill again. Such scandalous tales she had heard when shopping at the local market. You never knew where you were with dealers, look at that blonde cherub bombshell, Cedric. She wouldn't trust him an inch nor as far as her strong and capable arms could throw him. But Her Boys - she almost purred - her boys were made of better stuff and knew their Georgian from their Victorian. Good wires, nice tweeds and merry smiles - not like that gloomy Mr Trumpington - abducting kiddies some two years ago and up to the same tricks now, so she had heard, time someone rapped him over his small knuckles. She continued to spoon the beetroot into the jars with a serene expression on her face, none of her inner turmoil showing on her features. 205152332