The road to Damascus The road to Damascus Paulette Sat in her neat and tidy kitchen, looking into the flames and thinking and thinking. 205035021 Suddenly She leaped to her feet and cried "my only child, my baby, my little angel, what have I done!" 205035022 Weeping, She rushed to her writing desk in her neat and tidy parlour and tried to find the right words. Soon there was a pile of discarded letters littering the clean floor. None seemed right, some to banal and some were too soggy to be read. 205035023 Eventually She ran to the post box and then to Rufus's house to hammer on the door and plead for the return of her daughters furniture. "Anything you want" she pleaded, " two, three times the amount you gave me, anything, just so long as I can get them back" Rufus opened his mouth to make a quick profit but Trixie got there first. "Don't worry auntie" she said, "here's your money back, Rufus and Albert will put everything back, just as it was" 205035024 So then All Paulette could do was watch, wait and hope. 205035025 The return of the prodigal 205035026