My Theodore Haymann House My Theodore Haymann House Theodore Haymann House As far as I know this small house is is all original apart from the handle on the garage door which looks like a key and has been made to look like the original one on the front door. 204990555 Garage? Would they have had garages in 1905? 204990556 Inside the Garage 204990557 Front Showing Shutters These shutters seems to be typical of Theodore Haymann dolls houses. 204990558 Lithograph Print on Roof To look like a dormer window with flowers. 204990559 Inside Original papers 204990560 Inside Front The printed paper above the windows again seems typical of Theodore Haymann houses. 204990561 Inside Window. Close up of inside window. 204990562 Back & Side View 204990563 Side View 204990564 Furnishings Mostly vintage Barton until I can find some older more suitable pieces. 204990565 Bedroom 204990566 Sitting Room 204990567