Postcards from Greconville, (90) Postcards from Greconville, (90) Oscar looked around at his re-arranged bedroom and gave a happy sigh. He felt that the Elgin four-poster was so much more manly than his previous bed, In fact the whole room had a bachelor feel about it - the horse painting, the huntsman figures, the brown furniture, his dear little trunk at the foot of the bed. He reached forward to the Basset's Liquorice Allsorts..... 204962885 Bryan was equally happy. The errant panelling had been straightened, he loved the dramatic and theatrical colour scheme. Now to work - he had invited Oscar's mother over for the weekend and hoped against hope that he might manage to reconcile them after all these years of squabbling. 204962884 Norah showed Edith into the drawing room and Bryan went forward to greet their cantankerous visitor, whilst Oscar, somewhat nervously, held back. 204962886 And suddenly it was May Day! Due to technical glitches, the wooing of Edith has yet to be shown. Here we have the sun shining brightly on May Day and all the little ones are allowed out from school to view the new statue of the Queen. After great arguments, to the relief of many, Damien First was not selected for this most important commission. Basil de Woodford and Sir Thomas Chutney had raised the money for this wonderful creation. They felt that it might be a diplomatic act on their part to make the Queen look more kindly on unruly Greconville. "It's as well that she is unaware of the shenanigans taking place in Agar Hall" remarked Cook to Hilda. "She wouldn't be so hoity-toity about Grecondale if someone blew the whistle on that!" Hilda agreed, especially since Agar Hall had opened under the patronage of the Queen herself. 205077844 The reassuring dark outline of P.C.49 was seen behind the statue. He was sweltering in his thick navy serge tunic and the helmet that he had to wear whenever out and about on duty. You could never tell what might happen when the tinies were out en masse - they could be quite feral sometimes, if the mood took them. Luckily , today's event seems to be running smoothly - in every way. 205077845 Bryan was ecstatic Third time lucky! The THIRD court cupboard that he had bought over the years and this was the best!! I'm afraid that at the moment all I am doing with Greconville is posting snapshots - rather than running a story line.When - IF - we get onto a new site then the wedding of Bathshebas's brother along with the tempting and taming of Edith but for now they must remain unseen - there is much to try to save from this site and there is no way that I am going to increase the load! 205118191