Christmas at Karibu House Christmas at Karibu House Welcome to Christmas at Karibu House. 204717372 Everything was ready for Christmas and the parents were relaxing and waiting for the children to fall asleep. A beaker of milk and some biscuits had been left out for Father Christmas! 204717412 Once the children were asleep, the Father quietly left the stockings on each bed. 204717374 "It's Christmas Day" shouted the children "and Father Christmas has left us our stockings!" 204717375 They had great fun finding all the presents hidden deep in their Father's socks - packets of sweets and other goodies. 204717376 Later in the day they had a peep at the presents under the Christmas tree. What was that big present on the side? 204717377 The Mother was thrilled with the beautiful silk satin capelet from the Father fastened with a gorgeous brooch. This would be perfect for New Year's Eve she said. 204717378 The Father was very pleased with his new garden tools - just the job! 204717379 The children opened their presents with such excitement. 204717380 Merry Christmas everyone! 204717381