My Hanse house redecorated My Hanse house redecorated The house as I bought it Just an original Hanse from Denmark house, slightly damaged. The chimney isn't lost, I have it somewhere, don't you worry. The back wall is slightly loose and therefor the floors no longer are in place. No big deal. 204145982 Cutting thing losse Well, the title isn't entirely correct, most things were loose already. I just had to pull a little more. Lifting up the roof and tearing the wall a bit made it possible to start pulling and pushing the inside wall. 204146010 And off came the wall I already removed the door in an earlier stage, that was a very easy job, so now it was just a matter of removing the wall. 204146011 Re-usable parts I was told that you can get the doors out in one but the doorframes are a totally different story. If you do it my way you will get the frames out in one. 204146012 Open space Just not open enough for me. The bedroom has gone, there will be an open plan kitchen upstairs and what is the kitchen in the original design, will become my bedroom. 204146013 Gone has the bedroom I love the open space 204146014 And gone has the other wall The wall that divided the balcony from the livingroom has been torn down also. It was a bit harder than the bedroomwall so I ended up with two pieces. No problem at all, I can't re-use it anyway. Now I have some ideas what to do with the window: The bathroom is rather dark. Or the roof could use a baywindow? I also removed the stairs temporary. 204146015 Bamboo bathmat I purchased a very cheap Bathmat in the dutch version of the dollar/Pound store (although not everything costs a euro. But it is a cheap store called Action. The bamboo is perfect for a wooden floor upstairs but also to use on the plastic stairs that I find fugly. 204146016 Plastic became 'wood' Now this is much better, right? 204146017 Triangle becomes square The little triangle opening isn't realistic enough for my taste so I made it bigger 204146018 Baywindow So the spare window will become a bay window for more light 204146019 Linoleum floor, new wallpaper I cut linoleum examples into squares to make a new floor and pasted new wallpaper to the walls. The little cabinet is out of proportions but I added it for decorating sake. 204146020 What a difference white paint makes It took me several layers but it was worth all my time. These white doors look so much better!! 204149897 Speeding up This is such a cute little house: redecorating doesn't take much time actually. The hardest part is to think about what wallpaper to use where. And I still haven't decided what to do with the bedroom, downstairs to the right. 204161968 Bamboo floor I used the cheap bathmat again to give the livingroomfloor a total different look as well as the little stairs that lead to the splitlevel floor. 204161969 Bedroom Bedroom is ready. Simple colors yet with a funky touch :) 204167957 Modern Lundby Smaland furniture I was lucky to buy some cheap modern furniture second hand. I love Ikea and these things remind me of that big Swedish warehouse. 204174289 Copy? I want to try to copy the couch but started with taking the wrong measures. *lol* One learns from their mistakes and it makes me think creative because now I have to think of a solution. And that means that in the end I will have a unique couch and not a copy at ll!! 204174290 And this is what I made of it! So, I took the wrong measurements and that meant that the couch would have been to low and I had to think of a clever solution. Now I bought some foam curlers a while ago in a second hand store because the shape reminded me of miniature pillows and now they came in handy. It has a less modern look than the Lundby couch but I still like it. 204193922 Problems in Lundby-land I have several retro Lundby furniture stored in a drawer, my Hanse house it the same scale, and while looking at the modern 21th century furniture I noticed that it was much bigger. Totally different scale. That means that I can fit less furniture in the house and beside: it is out of proportions.And so is my newly made couch. Ouch, so much work for nothing!! Nah, one learns from every experience and I learned a lot! 204193923 Smaller furniture: scale 1:18 So after recalculating I started on a new couch: the one with the black pattern. And I found the beige one in my 1:12 house, I made that a few months ago and after removing the legs it has the perfect scale. Mission completed, I now know the exact scale for my little Hanse house. It's 1:18, no matter what fancy catalogs say! 204193924 Time to start working on the bathroom. Now I purchased retro Lundby furniture in the right 1:18 scale from the moment I got my hands on this huse. Retro: very outdated especially the colors. That can't be a problem is you are a purist and want to decorate your Lundby beauty from 1971 in the way it should have looked in those days, but I a) don; t have a Lundby house and b) am not a purist. So the yellow bathroom furniture will be spray painted into white, believe me! And I don't like gold or copper taps and the bath had a copper one. Now through a Chinese site called Wish I purchased a cheap yet perfect metallic silver nail polish, excellent for the job and "Presto chango" another satisfied customer (me) 204201684 Spray painting In our 'dollar/pound'-like store called Action I found an acrylate spray paint for only 2 euros. I like acrylate because you don;t need to use primer most of the cases. You do have to be careful to use it on traditional paint because it might cause a chemical reaction and the existing paint may get loose looking like a very old person skin! Anyway, I carefully sprayed thin layers every 10 minutes, that's how long it takes to dry en the yellow bathroom furniture started to look more 21th century than mid last century. 204208287 From blue-yellow to THIS!! I never liked the Lundby tiles on tiles background. I find it odd to see the walls having tiles that are white with furniture in front of it that suggest blue or orange tiles. While cutting the furniture loose from the background I got some bad damage (at first I tried to cover the background with paper and masking tape but someone gave me a tip how to carefully cut the furniture) and that made me think how to restore it/give it a complete different look. Then I remembered the hardwood veneer I had stored away somewhere!! It is hard to recognize the old pieces,don't you agree? 204208286 Just an idea As you can see: the shower cabin still has it's 70's look but I am thinking about how to decorate the bathroom in a modern way. Because this tiny room has a very low ceiling and is rather deep I want a big mirror at the beginning of the wall to reflect natural light. Still not satisfied with the overall layout. I think I can do better. 204208288 Transformation Taking the shower cabin apart wasn't as hard as I thought it would be so guess what I did today? Same room, totally different look!! 204211472 Wall to wall Filled in the gap between the bath and the wall. 204214625 Bed transformation I still had and have some veneer left and decided to transform this old fashioned white/orange Lundy bed into something more from the 21th century. 204214624 Edels fault!! This is all Edels fault!! She is the one who told me that the bed looked like something from Ikea. So I started looking at their catalog and found something extra to add on. 204232088 Another makeover Took me about 5-6 hours: spray painting the furniture, and gluing hardwood veneer onto the background, drilling new holes and putting things back together again. 204330929 New showerhead Didn't have this before but I painted a earring clip in a metal color. Very satisfied:) 204330930 Retro furniture Oh yes, it was a bargain!! Chair and foot stool for only 15 euro's 204330931 Another makeover I could go on using the hardwood veneer forever but wouldn't it be nice to see the bathroom altered in another way? I used kind of striped wallpaper here that I cut into 1x1 cm pieces/ I then pasted one horizontal, one vertical and so on. I kind of like it. 204371024 Made a little rug This pattern is from 1850 but I loved the colors so much that I decided to make a rug for my house. 204371055 Elderly couple I love this old couple. they are a bit flat though, I am going to try to give them a makeover too. That will be hard because I'm not really qualified to do that. But hey, I learned how to make miniature furniture, why not use mini brushes on a tiny doll?? 204371056 Make-over attempt Okay, this probably would have looked much better if I hadn't made a close-up!! I tried to make the old couple look like an elderly couple and from a distance it doesn't look bad at all. The picture however shows all the flaws. Ouch!! It wasn't wise to start practicing this on a 1:16 scale :) 204372348 Patterns from around 1850 Because you girls were so amazed by the little rug that I made with the old pattern: this is from a Facebook group that I joined where someone posted this. It is going to be exposed in their community museum. She received it from an old lady who had it in her possession. So this an old embroidery test flap that girls in those days had to make to improve their skills. 204374276 Very cheap extension Remember CD's? And the storage you needed to get them out of sight? People start selling these Ikea boxes now and so I happened to buy two for 2 euro's each at a carboot sale. In order to use them as storage room for my miniatures(parts). Because I had no idea where to place them I decided that the put underneath my Hanse house would be PERFECT! Indeed, it was so perfect that the two of them had the exact size of my little house. And I got inspired. I removed to drawers et voilá! I now have a very cheap, perfect extension. 204437918 Aukje, my youngest daughter I know right: don't try to pronounce this name :) Even in the Netherlands it is an uncommon name, yet a very old and traditional name. and most Dutch nowadays rather choose English/international names. Au is pronounced like the ou in ouch en je sounds as ju in Justin without the d-sound. Aukje. Your first lesson in dutch. *lol* That is not why I posted this: Aukje was an intern in a company where they make 3D prints over everyone who worked there. And she happened to be the perfect 1:18 scale for the old Lundby furniture that I purchased for my house (before realizing that I prefer more modern) I found this photo and wanted to show it to you guys. It looks so funny: a 2016 girl in a 1970 or so interior. 204437936 Window pane I will add more text later 204500845 safety glass I made this little 'hall' to protect the inhabitants from falling down the stairs :) 204500846 Basement (Lundby) Bought a not entirely complete Lundby basement with garage. The doors are missing but it doesn't matter to me. I can either replace them or just leave it as it is. 204500847 Designed and made a diningroom set I had some of those stearing stick you use for paint that were cut from hard wood. That made a perfect table and chairs. 204500849 Simple rug All you need is embroidery yarn, fabric glue and some fabric to glue the thread on. 204500852 Makeover The Lundby kitchen before and after 204500851 Fun The kitchen/diningroom area. It is impossible to turn it around, pretty annoying. 204500848 204828103 204828104 204828105 204828106 204828107 204828108 204828199 204828200 204828201 204828202 204828203 204828204 204828205 204828206 204828207