cobham 2 cobham 2 Wardrobe. These are my buys from Cobham. I went hoping to find a wardrobe for Amarna house, and did. The dog was from there too. Rosemary has the same dog with two puppies. I saw the set once at an antique fair and had run out of money at that point, so I'm glad to get the dog. If I see the set again, I'll have a whole family! 203723196 Candlestick I like the lines on this candlestick, it's for the Princess 2, where I keep the Mackintosh furniture. I tried it on this fireplace for the photo, it will almost certainly get moved about before I'm satisfied. 203723197 Finally The last piece I bought was this sideboard, simply because I like it. It's a bit shabby but I'm sure it will polish up. 203723198