Armin Koch dolls house, Australia Armin Koch dolls house, Australia Armin Koch dolls house & furniture 203597708 Left side 203598394 Right side 203598395 Back 203598396 Handmade by Armin Koch signature When I first bought pieces made by Armin Koch, I couldn't read his signature - I wasn't sure if his last name was Kod or Kody, and some pieces only have the initial A, instead of his first name. Then at one Sydney Dolls House Fair, I bought a chair made by him from a seller who had gone to his toy shop, and was able to tell me that it was in Nambucca Heads. 203598397 Main room downstairs I have peopled this house with Erna Meyer dolls in German traditional costumes, and with Schleich Mecki hedgehogs, which seem to have been made for sale at the Australian skiing destination Mount Kosciuszko. I have seen an Armin Koch dolls house with turned wooden dolls also made by him, but I don't have any of his dolls myself (yet). 203598398 Main room downstairs 2 203598399 Kitchen 203598400 Kitchen details 203598401 Upstairs 1 203598404 Upstairs 2 203598405 Upstairs with roof open 203598406 Some bedroom furniture 203598407 Bedroom furniture details 203598408 Bedroom furniture details 203598409 Signature on base of bed 203598410 Initials on base of cradle 203598411