Professor Flinders Grecon Professor Flinders Grecon Professor Flinders Grecon The well known Egyptologist, would like to show you, 202289971 The house he has chosen for his retirement. 202289972 His nephew, Howard, Has been looking over the house. "It's a nice place, uncle" , he said " it's has a lot of original features, but some a little out of the ordinary, these spindles on the widows walk are different from the other houses in Greconsfield". 202289973 Work needed! " It needs this white paint off, and rather a lot of the dreaded worm holes though, I hope your H B will get to work. " "Oh I'm sure she will" replied Flinders, "I've heard she is quite reliable, although apt to neglect us Grecons by going off on holiday a lot" 202289974 The bay. "This is the only place inside that has had the wallpaper painted over" remarked Howard. "Yes, said Flinders, "but all these lovely window blinds are here,although all the fireplaces are missing" 202289978 Kitchen "I see the HB has found you a nice kitchen range" said Howard. " but what will you eat off?" "Packing cases" said Flinders "us old retired Egyptologist are a tough breed of Grecons. A packing case was good enough to eat off in Egypt, it's good enough here" "I say, uncle" said Howard," have you noticed how similar the wallpaper is in here to in the bay?, there it was green stripes with little white flower, here it's turquoise stripes with little white flowers." 202289975 Downstairs "This will be my sitting room" said Flinders happily. "Very nice" replied Howard" and look at the wallpaper, gold stripe with little white flowers, and furnished with packing case." "Very good packing cases" said Flinders. 202289976 Upstairs " this will be my study" explained Flinders. " yes" said Howard, " hmmm wallpaper with gold stripes and little pink flowers........and packing cases." "Excellent items, packing cases" beamed Flinders " sit on them, write on them, eat off them, very versatile, packing cases". 202289977 Bedroom " my bedroom" Flinders said proudly. " yes, very nice" agreed Howard, " look wallpaper with light and dark stripes with little white flowers. Very masculine, and I suppose there's a packing case handy to sleep in." "Packing case! " exclaimed Flinders 202289979 Packing case ! Us elderly Egyptologists require a comfy bed for a good night sleep! 202289980 The prof. shows off his door peg. and the gold rim to the base - the base was so dirty I didn't know it was there until I ran a cloth over it! 202290958