Kitchen and kitchen stores part the second Kitchen and kitchen stores part the second Dresser/sideboard by the doorway into great hall Mostly tableware, bowls, basket of trenchers, pot holding spoons etc 202137079 I couldn't resist this peeled apple when it came up for sale I think it's Mini Things 202137080 I've hoarded pottery for this even though half of them look as though they're lopsided on their sticky glue dot - drat that's what comes from working sideways when bent double. Another thing I couldn't resist is the broken egg ;) 202137081 Longer view another table to go in with bread making I think, but otherwise things might get moved about. 202137082 Apologies to all who abhor meat but here it is. Except for the room, table, door and the odd block of wood, the majority of the items here are from Vanessa Percival of Mini Things 202151638 I once walked into a game room in one of the larger houses around here and could not get over the number of hooks ready and waiting on the ceiling. Here we have just a few and only the odd fowl 202151639 Meat prep 202151640 Someone should chase off that crow I'm always amazed by the detail of that pile of bones 202151641 All three store rooms on this side of the building 202151642 Quick digest of progress Don't know if by bunging pics together I've made things confusing - but here goes Long view down side where the stores block goes followed by closer view of three other storage type areas (one of far right is scullery which opens on kitchen face) 202173489 Views galore - 1 From end of block up to main kitchen through dairy outer door. Took photo on left and realised only fire on in there so took one on right with lights on (no one at home!) 202173490 Views galore - 2 Back round other side you can just see from buttery round into diddy scullery area on left and the right hand pic is through where wall/door from outside to main kitchen is yet to be built 202173491 Scullery and yet more views Swung block round and looking into scullery on left and down the length back to the dairy outer door in right photo 202173492 Scullery - some detail This outer wall has a gutter running indoors against it (left hand photo) Right photo is looking down through beams and the length of the outer wall at gutter and stone trough for washing up and chucking waste water. The really small inset is the drain hole outside which is not mouse proof 202173493 Again down through beams into scullery and kitchen. Step up from kitchen (where there seems to be a wash tub for cloths and some linens - all on left) and I threw in the right hand photo 'cos I like it and the view of the dividing stone half wall into the scullery area 202173494 Missed out an episode of more from Mini Things Hadn't intended to add bodies to this set of rooms but talked self into a 'problem' Was rearranging the kitchen main room 'cos wanted to add the bread making board from Mini Things. That was OK, - small table from lolly sticks ready for that. Then looked at the board again and finally got to thinking "who leaves bread dough half knocked back and shaped without covering it?". Was going to need at least one person in there dealing with it, wasn't I? This leads to the missing cats tale 202178497 Head torso arms and legs Hastily but firmly held together but still without clothing (sorry ma'am) but at least she's dealing with the bread dough! 202178495 and at her feet there's extra water and two cats - hard to see the black and white one against that dratted floor. Need to strew some green rushes or something around and about for contrast, do you think? 202178496 Paws for pic Have strewn the old herbs and rush stuff and was re-assembling the group, glu dotting the cuddly cats together when turned them over --- thought you might like the shot ;) 202192997