Not Westacre, Not Westacre, Wire frame and papier mache. Varnish a bit shiny, will adjust at some point. 201892531 Armchair made of wire and upholstered like a real one. Very fiddly to do.Bead feet,. 201892532 Bed made of wood, not wire. Wood is easier than the wire I had, doesnt move around so much Used the string and bead decoration as in Westacre. Havent finished the drapes or covers, must go back to it, but I love the fabric! 201892641 In situ in the Mayflower dolls house. Made to Mayflower scale. I wanted the house to look like a tiny Peggy Lines house. 201892533 201892534 Card chest of drawers to fit in eaves of house. Taking liberties with design altogether here. No known Westacre looks like this. 201892535 Arm chair and bookcase.No books made yet. I will finish them all at some point! The bookcase and armchair are the most satisfactory in real life. 201892636 I think this style of furniture would be nice to live with, more comfortable than Pit A Pat,plenty of silk cushions, books, etc. Hope someone else will have a go, its all made of scraps and cost pennies, rather then on the real thing! 201892844 Next job is to try and make books that actually fit in the bookcase! 201896111 I still can't work out how the pillow lace is attached to the sofa securely - how did you attach yours Sal? 201896112 I think it's important that we mark and date our little masterpieces! I'm going to have a go at the bed next - wish me luck.... 201896113 "Not Westacre" book trough For Ted in Bosca House. This is probably the easiest bit of Westacre to copy. 203073332 Not West Acre table instructions Page 1 For Alicia 204961788 Not West Acre table instructions Page 2 For Alicia 204961787