Julie's 12 Days of Christmas https://www.dollshousespastandpresent.com/apps/photos/ Julie's 12 Days of Christmas First day...Ketterley's Christmas tree A cheap but realistic tree, picked up at Nantwich Dolls House & Miniature Fair on November 9th, this year, and dressed by me. I've cut down the candles from taller ones (bought from eBay seller canvas_demon). All the hanging ornaments came from the USA, via US eBay sellers lacyhome4boys and barblip. The tinsel I've had in my stash for so long, I can't remember when or where I bought it. The star on the top was cut from an old Christmas card. https://www.dollshousespastandpresent.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200600640 200600640 Second day...adapting and staining Ketterley's kitchen dressers Three dressers, to fill all of the left wall in the kitchen, inspired by those in Lanhydrock House, Cornwall, UK. They started out as these cheap unfinished whitewood dressers from eBay: 171660205591. I haven't been able to finish them today, so they will have to count for two days. I have removed the bun feet and trimmed the right side of the dresser on the left, the left side of the one on the right, and both sides of the one in the centre, to allow them to butt against each other. (I'm planning to glue them together). They've each had three coats of walnut stain, and been sanded between each coat. (They are actually darker and less red in tone than this photo suggests). "On the third day", they will have a final top coat of dark oak Bri-wax. The brass drawer knobs are to be replaced with cup handles, which the Lanhydrock dresser drawers have. I've also cut and stained a strip of wood to cover the tops of the dressers, to hide the joins when they are in situ. https://www.dollshousespastandpresent.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200610853 200610853 Third day...Ketterley's kitchen dresser finished The dresser is now singular - the three separate ones have been joined together and the bridging top applied. Two more coats of stain on the drawers have brought their tone much closer to that of the rest of the dresser. The whole piece has been waxed. New drawer handles fixed in place. I'm chuffed! https://www.dollshousespastandpresent.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200615067 200615067 Fourth day...plate draining rack Another piece, dark stained - for the "scullery side" of Ketterley's kitchen, this time. The rack was bought, unfinished, from Robin Lucas, at last October's Miniatura - and can be seen in its original state, here: http://www.dollshousespastandpresent.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=199935849 The finish isn't shiny in reality as it appears in this photo. https://www.dollshousespastandpresent.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200623625 200623625 Fifth day..."scullery" table: before This was bought very cheaply on eBay. A mass-produced piece, but quite nicely finished. The dark wood stain is original, this time! The only snag with it was the drawers didn't fit well, so today's task was to remedy that. They were too long, and too shallow. The length was reduced by sanding the backs. The three pieces of wood in the foreground were cut and stained, then glued to the bases of the drawers to increase their depth. https://www.dollshousespastandpresent.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200629990 200629990 Fifth day..."scullery" table: after The drawers now sit much better. Cup handles replace the brass drawer knobs, for uniformity with the dresser and to echo the scullery drawers in Lanhydrock. Only a small job today, but a big improvement in the appearance of the piece, I think! https://www.dollshousespastandpresent.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200629991 200629991 Sixth day...double lead-lined sink for Ketterley's kitchen This was created from two 1:24 resin Belfast sinks, which I chopped down with a hacksaw, and real thin sheet lead from Stacey's Miniature Masonry. (I didn't take a "before" shot of the sinks - sorry! - but the original can be seen here: eBay ID: 262204030030 ). https://www.dollshousespastandpresent.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200637236 200637236 Sixth day...double lead-lined sink for Ketterley's kitchen Lead-lined. Inspired by sinks in Lanhydrock's kitchen scullery, the originals (as rough and bumpy as this!) may be seen here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sic_itur_ad_astra/8370890989 and here: http://www.photofilecornwall.co.uk/cornwall_housescastles/lanhydrock/ (scroll down this page for a view of the scullery). My version still needs a unit to be set into and some wooden draining boards. https://www.dollshousespastandpresent.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200637237 200637237 Seventh day...adding marble to Ketterley's bathroom washbasin This is a miniature copy, for Ketterley's "family" bathroom, of the wonderfully over-the-top washbasin from Lord and Lady Robartes' bathroom in Lanhydrock. It was made to commission by Gary and Heidi Masters (Masters Miniatures). I supplied the basin (from the Chrysnbon bathroom kit), the taps and plug chain (Sussex Crafts) and a waste pipe, for inside the cupboard (also by Sussex Crafts). The original has red marble, where this is white, so I set to, to add that finishing touch. The Lanhydrock original may be seen here: https://stowed.wordpress.com/tag/shutterstock/ (scroll down the page a bit to get to a detailed view). I think you'll agree that Gary and Heidi did a great job! https://www.dollshousespastandpresent.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200641125 200641125 Seventh day...adding marble to Ketterley's bathroom washbasin My contribution was to download an image of red jasper marble from Google Images and re-size it to scale, before printing two copies. These were laminated with colourless, self-adhesive library film to add a slight sheen, before cutting to fit. (The marble looks more blue in this photo than it is in reality. Its actual colour is an ox-blood red). https://www.dollshousespastandpresent.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200641126 200641126 Eighth day...Ketterley's kitchen tables As with the dresser on days two and three, this is a two-day project. I'm customising two of these nicely made tables (from eBay seller dolls-house-direct), to suggest the large kitchen table in Lanhydrock, which may be seen here: http://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g191280-d215001-i48186609-Lanhydrock_House_and_Garden-Bodmin_Cornwall_England.html Lanhydrock's table has dark-stained legs and drawer fronts. The top is mostly plain deal, with a large marble insert at one end to provide a cool surface for pastry making. This is the "before" picture of one of my tables. They've already had a coat of stain applied to the legs, drawers and pot board, as my eighth day job. I'll get them finished tomorrow, for day nine. https://www.dollshousespastandpresent.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200650627 200650627 Ninth day...Ketterley's kitchen tables I'm not as happy with these as the other pieces. I had no less than six goes, and several printings, trying to get the marble to look right, and it still doesn't - the edge of the paper is too obvious. (It should really be inset, but I didn't want to cut into the tabletop). Having said that, in situ, with the table covered in utensils and dishes, and in normal lighting, the jump between the paper marble and the wooden table-top is a lot less obvious. I've ordered more cup handles! I used three intended for this table on the scullery table - originally, I wasn't going to put them on that one, but it looks so much better with them. I'll add the missing ones to these tables as soon as they arrive! https://www.dollshousespastandpresent.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200661245 200661245 Tenth day...a long overdue repair A bit of cheat - I've had a busy day, and no time! The leg broke off this novelty pencil sharpener washtub months ago. https://www.dollshousespastandpresent.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200669444 200669444 Tenth day...a long overdue repair Now fixed! This piece usually stands outside 9, Brenville Road, my 1933-set 3-room Gee Bee cottage. It's still waiting to have its details picked out in paint! https://www.dollshousespastandpresent.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200669445 200669445 Eleventh day...four handles on the kitchen tables The extra cup handles ordered arrived today, so have been applied. Looking good! https://www.dollshousespastandpresent.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200678892 200678892 Eleventh day...start of staining Mrs McCready's wardrobe Another busy day, today - 12th night, so taking down all the decorations in my very festive (full size) house! Very time-consuming, so not much spare for DH projects. Apart from applying the three remaining drawer handles to Ketterley's kitchen tables, I just had time to put the first coat of oak stain on the wardrobe of Margaret Macready, Ketterley's formidable housekeeper. I hope to get this finished tomorrow - my final task for the 12 days! (The wardrobe is by Robin Lucas, and can be seen in its unfinished state, as bought, here: http://www.dollshousespastandpresent.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=199935849 ) https://www.dollshousespastandpresent.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=200678893 200678893