Advent Challenge 2015 Advent Challenge 2015 Table legs from wooden beads, top from a horrible table! 200429335 Shell display box from two lonely drawers. 200429336 First Advent Item: Lamp Inspired by Edel's lovely lamp. The base is the brass plate from a broken hook for curtain tie-backs and the shaft is a cheap paintbrush with the end sawn off. The shade was a tiny fan from last year's Christmas Cracker - that's how long I've been intending to do this project for... 200425242 Advent day 1 and 2 For my toy shop - I painted a chair to display teddies on and day 2 I made a mini carousel from a kit. 200435625 Advent day 5 Doll house display More detail needed on the house but getting there. 200447034 Advent day 3 Converting a thimble holder into a toy display unit. Partitions removed and undercoated. Hoped to top coat and decorate with wallpaper and trim too but didn't get chance, so will finish that later. 200435627 Advent day 4 Top coated shelf unit Ready for display items. This is a draft of what it may look like when complete. 200447035 Little wooden doll This little doll is made from a wooden clothes peg and was inspired by the beautiful Pomona dolls. It took a bit of experimenting to get used to handling my knife and the wood - my first attempt ended in an amputated foot. I sawed the clothes peg to the length I wanted and carved out the legs and feet with a craft knife. The arms are cut from a very thin scrap of pine and attached with shortened sewing pins. The finished doll is 7cm or 2 3/4 inches tall. 200452910 Little wooden doll Coloured with artists' markers and some pink pencil for her cheeks and dressed in a scrap of old cotton and some very fine old silky ribbon. 200452911 Advent day 6 Interior decorating completed, lights added and flooring cut ready to glue down. 200456149 200479712 Advent day 7 A model railway scene - still needs little trees adding. 200488918 Advent day 10 First stage of some spinning tops made from beads and toothpics. 200488919 Advent day 8 Stacked counter 200488920 Advent day 9 Two paper puppet theatres, after seeing photos I decided they need some gold trim. 200488921 Bedroom rug I haven't realy been taking part in the advent challenge as I've been living it up in the warmth on a cruise ship for two weeks, but I did make this rug for grandmas and grandad bedroom while I was away. 200498304 Tray cloth. I didn't dare take this tray cloth with me, I thought I would loose it, anyway, I needed a magnifying glass to see the stitches! I finished it off last night. It's not a project for the faint hearted - this is 32 stitches to the inch. 200498305 New shelf in garage. Thanks to the Advent challenge, Felix now has a shelf in the back of the garage to put extra junk on. On it at the moment are some chamois leathers (courtesy of Rosemary x) and a 'Piston with Conrod' courtesy of Truly Scrumptious (Jane Woodham) - it even has piston rings, which I'm told is quite important...! On the cupboard below is a battery charger and below that, on the floor, is a battery both also by Truly Scrumptious. (I bought the Truly Scrumptious items at KDF but didn't show a photo in that album because the battery got left behind on the stall and I was waiting for it to come in the post.) 200498609 Posters on walls in showroom. I've been meaning to do this little job for a while. Despite dire sales figures during Martin's first year of trading, he remains buoyant and can be seen here using his chamois leather to keep the showroom stock in tip top condition. I'm wondering if he needs to go a little down market with his choice of cars - Grecondale just doesn't have the affluence of Greconville. 200498610 I wanted a bed for the Gottscalk & made this . Decided I didn't like it! 200499913 So, I made this one! Needs painting! 200499917 Painted! bedding next! 200502613 Better? 200507292 Today's job has been making brushes The scrubbing brush is still stuck to the bristle source. 200507293 Hand brush in housekeepers box. 200507294 Barton Hall Stand Repair I've had this hall stand for a while and three of the 'coat pegs' were missing. I found some brass upholstery tacks of the right size (a tad bigger than the original actually but I'm hoping it's not too noticeable - though I'm tempted to replace the original too so they all look identical). I clipped the pointed end off and popped them in the existing holes but they looked very bright compared to the original. I showed it to the OH and he disappeared off to his railway room and came back with this magic stuff which I painted onto the tacks with a brush and wiped off with a damp cloth when it reached the right colour. Worked a treat! 200507486 Christmas Cottage My advent challenge was to have the courage to upload pictures of this mad little house, which stays decorated for Christmas all year. I add things when ever I see them but the rule is everything has to be red or green which to my mind are proper Christmas colours! 200508933 Christmas Cottage I found this homemade house a week before Christmas in 1996, it had some broken 1960's furniture so I presume that is when it was made. The windows were broken plastic so I replaced them with metal Romside ones. Two duffle coated Miss Grecons and a Caco doll are having fun in the snow. 200508934 Christmas Cottage It must be Christmas Eve as Father Christmas and Rudolf are on the roof. 200508935 Christmas Cottage The little room on the left is the dining room. This is the only house in my collection tall enough to take the Amanda Ann bureau. The room is a bit dark and pokey and I'm not satisfied with it. 200509336 Christmas Cottage The other ground floor room is the kitchen, little red riding hood is behind the table, I wanted to create a proper Dollies House, where snugness abounds. This room has a roaring fire comfy chairs and lots of Christmas food. 200509337 Christmas Cottage There are 3 Christmas puddings! 200509338 Christmas Cottage First floor living room. Felt rabbit was made by my mother's sister in the 1950's and had to live here as he fits the colour scheme. The Christmas bauble fairy is from my childhood she used to live on the top of our tree. Of course they have a Dolls' House for Christmas! The Marx fire place came with the house. 200509339 Christmas Cottage They are enjoying a hot toddy as it is so chilly outside. 200509340 Christmas Cottage Golly has joined the party too. 200509341 Christmas Cottage As this is a home made house I did a bit of light vandalism and removed a roof panel to make space for the bedroom and there is a minute space for a bathroom. 200509342 Christmas Cottage Merry Christmas Everyone! 200509343 More wooden dolls My contributions to the Advent Challenge are a little monotonous because I am making a family to live in my next project (yet to be built ...). The first little wooden doll shown earlier in this album has now acquired a brother and a mother, both yet to be dressed. I took a quick photograph before it got too dark to work without a flash. 200513997 Growing family of wooden dolls, close up 200514170 The cabinet from Charleston has been given a lick of paint 200515391 and some gilding. 200515392 Advent days 10/11/12 Mostly working on frontage. Repaired the wires the cats dragged out. Touched up the paint and paper the cats scratched, added gold and started on the balcony strip over doors and windows. 200516348 Housekeepers box finished! 200516869 "Oh to have a little house..." Mrs. Pegg is getting rather nervous, Christmas is not far away and Mr. Pegg has still not emerged from the workshop. She fervently hopes he will appear soon. She is also unsure if she can really trust the Architect who is planning the Pegg family home - she is after all a Human Bean and can hardly be expected to fully understand the needs of a Doll family... although perhaps one should not be prejudiced... 200533378 Pegg family, close up 200533379 Advent Day 13 Soccer set 200544563 Advent Day 14 Hobby horses 200544564 Advent day 15 Christmas sledge 200544565 Advent Day 16 Noah's Ark animals 200544566 Advent Day 17 Painted resin girl 200544567 Advent Day 18 200553544 Advent Day 19 200553545 Peggs united! The Peggs may not have a home before Christmas, but at least they have the full traditional complement of parents now. 200567986 Mr. and Mrs. Pegg Mr. Pegg spent rather a long time at the tailor's being fitted out, reminding the Human Bean why she prefers making female dolls, or at least male children who don't need complicated jackets, fiddly long trousers or ties... 200567987 Advent Day 20 - signage 200569907 Advent Day 20 - signage 200569908 Advent Days 21-24 Putting it all together. 200587082 I added the tops yesterday 200587452 Added some labels! I hope someone would like to buy a few! 200587453 Today's Challenge 200587454 More Christmas parcels! 200598467 I got carried away as usual! 200598468 Sleigh bought from Patti! Thank you Patti! 200598469 My glue stick tiny snowman 200598470 Lampshades from crackers! 200619411 1/12th scale spice rack The tiles in my kitchen are 3 & 3/4 inches square to give you an idea of size. I do have 5 more jars I could put on the top shelf but maybe that would be overkill? 200672904 200672905