the Mansfield Grecons get ready for summer. the Mansfield Grecons get ready for summer. Getting started. The Mansfield Grecons love parties. They saw a garden shelter for sale, which would have been perfect for garden parties, but it went for much more than their Human Bean could afford, so they decided to ask her to try and make one. They said they would help. First their human bean cut 6 peices off a 1/4 inch square baton, each 6 inches long. 198515285 Next From a 1/8 peice of strip wood she cut 2 peice 10 inches long,2 pieces 7 inches long, 2 peices 8.5 long, and 4 pieces 4.5 long, every peice was 1/4 inch wide. 198515286 They also needed Some wood glue, 4 small hinges and a peice of fabric, and some trim. 198515287 First To make the back, she glued 2 peices of baton to 2 peices of strip wood, 8.5 long and 2 sides by glueing 2 peice of baton to strip wood 4.5 long. 198515288 Then She cut the 10 inch peices of strip wood to fit in an 'X' across the back (she also sanded the middle where they cross to get a better fit) and the 7 inch peices of strip wood to fit across the sides. "You could paint this now" remarked Albert. "Yes" said the Human Bean, " shall I paint it pink to match the fabric Isabelle chose?" "Humph " said Albert 198515289 Next She turned the peices over, and attached 2 hinges on each side. The Grecons began to plan their parties. 198515290 Finally, She cut the fabric to form a 'T ' shape, (the longest side of the shape was 21 inches) the children lay down on the sides which they thought needed a hem, (but they got it wrong) then after sewing the hem, sewed up the sides to make the cover. 198515291 Ready for summer. "The human bean nearly got it right" said grandma, "shall we ask her to have another go?" 198515293