My first dolls' house - a "collapsible" Gee Bee DH10C My first dolls' house - a "collapsible" Gee Bee DH10C This started life as a Gee Bee DH10C "collapsible" house at Christmas 1974... Many many makeovers later: This was my childhood house and between 1974 and about 1984 and again in 1986/87 I continually redecorated it, gave it a new mansard roof (for more space) and made dolls and furniture for it. I had very little pocket money and used whatever was to hand or the little I could afford. Unfortunately this included sticky plastic "Contact" as wallpaper, gloss paint and lots and lots of UHU... 198429281 Gee Bee DH10C Now very far removed from its original 1970s simplicity - it took me many attempts to mould this house into my then dream of a Victorian dolls' house. Today I would rather like to have a pristine DH 10C to furnish in 1970s style! 198429282 Gee Bee DH10C kitchen The table is by Barton or Lundby, the rest of the furniture is home-made using plywood (I must have been flush with pocket-money), cocktail sticks, matchsticks, fimo and a quick-drying modelling clay - and lots and lots of ink cartridges for a fountain pen. I wrote with a fountain pen in school so there was a steady supply of empty cartridges and they were just right for all sorts of things - painted white inside and with a bit of tinfoil on top they made lovely milk bottles, the bottoms cut off made good jam jars that could be covered with greaseproof paper, a bit of modelling clay and some gloss paint magicked up a wine bottle - there was practically no limit to their uses! 198429283 Gee Bee DH10C kitchen No Irish kitchen would be complete without a stock of good floury potatoes, in this case Records. I used absolutely everything that was available, which explains the felt (!) jam-roll. 198430323 Gee Bee DH10C kitchen The dresser on the right is made from lollipop sticks with pins for handles. I must have made that in a hot summer. The blue shade on the lamp is from a broken Christmas-tree fairy light, there's another white one upstairs. 198429284 Gee Bee DH10C kitchen The food is all home-made, the crockery is fimo decorated with a blue marker. The cook is the only bought doll in the house. 198429285 Gee Bee DH10C kitchen Spot the ink cartridge! 198430322 Gee Bee DH10C kitchen Chablis with a home-made corkscrew. 198429286 Gee Bee DH10C kitchen Both of my grannies had kitchen ranges like this. 198430321 Gee Bee DH10C kitchen Hermione the cat and her bowl are made from modelling clay. 198429287 Gee Bee DH10C parlour The side window is my own addition, I wanted to make curtains and there was no room for them on the sliding front of the house. The round table is made from the support for a wooden curtain rail found among my father's workshed scraps with a varnished jam-jar lid for a top, covered with a leather scrap decorated using a gold pen. The little chair is made from matchsticks. The doll has a wire "body" and clay head, hands and feet. 198429288 Gee Bee DH10C parlour All home-made. The little book was a birthday present from one of my sons when he was very small. They used to love playing with the house and were very careful with it. 198429294 Gee Bee DH10C parlour The mirror is Barton or Lundby for Caroline's home, the rest is home-made or improvised. The candles are screws, the cat and the fireplace tiles are made from modelling clay. 198429293 Gee Bee DH10C parlour The books and the Queen Anne armchair are covered in leather scraps that my friend Ann's mother gave me - she was a great dressmaker and also did leatherwork and was extremely generous with leftover bits and pieces. The desk is a "Holly Hobbie" metal toy and the gold picture frame was for "Caroline's home". The other picture frames are made from metal foil. 198429289 Gee Bee DH10C parlour The "china" basket and tree-trunk vase are copies of Irish Belleek pieces made from fimo. 198430320 Gee Bee DH10C nursery The washtand is another instance of a better than usual flow of pocket money and the antique wooden sheep is a recent visitor but everything else is home-made including the tiny felt teddy. 198429290 Gee Bee DH10C nursery Dolls' toys, the elephant is a wooden bead, the marble is a marble (what else) but the teddy and doll were home-made when I was about 14. 198429291 Gee Bee DH10C bedroom The two little girls are just visiting, they are made of pipecleaners, cotton wool and old tights. The washtand is made from cocktail sticks and beads, the ewer and basin from modelling clay. 198429292